Like Candy Red / Press

"These ladies sing intoxicatingly catchy songs that make you move" From Best Shows of 2010.

“Check out the track Outta Your Mind and When Can I See You Again by Like Candy Red who consists of 3 sisters – drum, bass, and guitar”

“Everyone was so lost in female-fronted band land by that point, that we even decided to stick around for Like Candy Red, who was kind of like watching the white girl, Nashville, TN version of En Vogue. We think the girls were three sisters, although we didn’t really care, because we were too busy groovin‘ and shakin‘ to their synchronized dance moves and cray cray stacked harmonies and wailin’... Thursday night’s Next Big Nashville lineup was a home run for us.”

“Sassy,exciting, funk/ R&B with a modern twist. Like Candy Red is a band. Three sassy sisters in front with drums, bass, and guitar. Think ”Earth Wind and Fire” meets “En-vogue” with a little bit of “Supremes” choreography thrown into the live show. I’m convinced there is nothing out there like it.”

“What? A good R & B group in Nashville ?? NO! A GREAT R & B group – Like Candy Red. ”

“The audience began tapping their feet to the tunes and snapping along with three gorgeous girls perched on stools singing. Their harmonies and pitches were that of seasoned musicians. It was impressive to say the least. (Hailey is the Covergirl for this issue)..”

“I was immediately smitten by their unique brand of smart retro-soul with a modern indie twist.”

“From what I hear, this place may be the best new listening room in town. I say "from what I hear" because when I tried to get into the last Like Candy Red acoustic show, the parking lot was so thoroughly congested there was no way anyone else could've been wedged in.”

Carrington Fox/Mr. Pink - Nashville Scene

“At the very least, (Like Candy Red)..can claim a pretty awesome distinction—as perhaps the most quizzical opening act of all time for Flavor Flav. But we doubt Flav has a problem with three knockout sisters performing slinky, super-polished Top 40 ready-mades”

““…Like Candy Red…had the joint so packed at it’s last show that cars got stuck in the parking lot…” ”

-The Nashville Scene