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‘Library Bards’ are an edgy nerd humor parody band. Both original songs and covers encapsulate the spirit of the modern nerd, while embracing comedy and shamelessness.
Bonnie Gordon
Fans will remember this lovable Bard from ABC’s ‘The Quest’. Bonnie bursts with quirky charm and will win your over with her superior vocals.

Xander Jeanneret
Marked as the “gay”mer from season 2 of TBS’ King of the Nerds, Xander brings all of his personality and flair for the dramatic to the band.

Jake Kaufman
Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman is a full-time freelance composer, with several big-name video games under his belt. Jake seamlessly blends musical genres while creating stunning scores.

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Bonnie Gordon - Vocals/Lyricist, Xander Jeanneret - Vocals
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Library Bards
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Los Angeles, CA