Lexxx Lucciano / Press

“hot tracks it's different dope as tracks homie”

Kloset 205Beast - Reverb Nation

“whats up pimpin love that shit hangtown soldier right here boys Lexx raw!!!”

Lyrical Vizion - Reverb Nation

“hahahah swervin thats how i do!!!!! never in tha studio wit out a 40 sometimes they be getin pissed!!!! but fuck em thats how i rap!!!! Oct 02”

craCK roCK - Reverb Nation

“good shit! that swervin beat is SICK!!!”

The Martian - Reverb Nation


Ne'Richa - Reverb Nation

“: $wervin..on point playa...good mix of a creative unique style and bang n beat..... keep push n!!!”

HouSa - HouSa