Le Weekend / Press

“On and off record, Le Weekend operates at various energetic quanta, shifting shapes and gears between handclap pop and eyes-closed tumult as though they're trying constantly to elude threats of contentment and stability. Their best songs are sweet and sour, reminders that every good feeling has its foil.”

“...an oddly alluring album that approaches the repetition usually lacking in [Le Weekend's] songs in a novel way. There's the familiarity of verse-chorus-verse, only it's spread out against two halves of an album. It's more like a musical, an opera or a symphony...”

“...making life's most striking and sudden stops and shifts work. An intricate, intriguing little thing.”

“[On _the magic y/ear_] These catharses cover an exciting range, from psych-blasted distortion to prog-inspired polyrhythms. The build from instrumental intro "Ask me about my weekend" to "Heroic cutlets" is particularly effective. ...Defying the odds, Le Weekend nails every transition.”

“In spirit if not sound, I'm reminded of Arthur Russell, another studio auteur who recorded his songs in endlessly fragmenting variations. ... Brawny and brainy, it's a treat for fist-pumpers and beard-strokers alike.”