Lethargy / Press

"This band without a doubt is a force to be reckoned with. Intense and powerful, 'Purification' is a spine-tingling ride that will blow your mind! This quartet's chemistry is as tight as a glove and they proved that hand over fist on this amazing debut."

All Access Magazine (Los Angeles)

"We've played with Lethargy and I love what they're doing. And they delve into classic rock for their inspiration. Attitude-wise, they remind me of Budgie when we first started."

Burke Shelley (Budgie) - Classic Rock (Best British Bands Issue)

"From Neath, South Wales comes one of the discoveries of the year. Lethargy mix grunge dynamics with Manics-style angst, and the results are awe-inspiring." (7/10)

Classic Rock

"Swirling guitar soundscapes give way to heavy grooves, rounded off with intense political and philosophical lyrics that actually have something to say. Grandiose in every sense of the word."

Metal Hammer

"This lot are one of the most exciting and inventive rock bands that have passed through this page, and boy, have we had a lot of those. Well done." (4/5)