Less Than Sober / Press

“Less Than Sober are a 5-piece all the way from Saltcoats. Loud, in your face and with a canny grasp of melody and a big chorus, they’re the most explosive thing to emerge from the Three Towns since the gradual dismantling of the ICI plant at Ardeer. Less Than Sober play Freckfest on Friday 16th August alongside our Oasis and Stone Roses tribute acts. In the future, the Freckfest organisers may well book a Less Than Sober tribute act, as, by then, the real act will be so globally successful and off-the-scale massive that a tribute act might just be the best we can do. Catch the real deal while you still can. Less Than Sober sound absolutely massive. With more hooks than a Peter Pan villains convention taking part in a fly-fishing festival, they forego any sort of subtlety and fly at break-neck speed straight for the jugular. Don’t bore us, get to the chorus ‘n all that jazz.”

“Possessed of considerably more impact were Less Than Sober. So much more impact that the obvious conclusion was that they weren’t from Glasgow. Indeed this band hail from Saltcoats – a town that is apparently a lot less fun on a Saturday than Saigon – and they stomped it up big time. From “High Heeled Sinner” onwards their star quality shone through powered by a solid drummer (how bad are bands in Glasgow when having a drummer who can keep time is worthy of comment?) and a front man in Kristoffer McDowall who knew that he had an audience to capture and entertain. I hope they do well for the simple reason that they are a band that deserves to do well. .”

The BLUESBUNNY: Independent Music Reviewers - Less Than Sober, live at Maggie Mays,