Leroy Powell / Press

“Separating Powell from the pick-up truck loads of country acts around though is his ability to pull inspiration from other genres and incorporate them seamlessly into his sound.”

“He is a songwriter extraordinaire with a flair for performance.”

“Leroy Powell is so entrenched in classic rock that he makes the Black Crowes sound like Hannah Montana.”

“Leroy Powell and the Messengers new release ATLANTIS has those moments I treasure in an album, surprises. It has tough rock-N-roll tracks that reminded me why I love it, and deep drifter blues tunes...”

“Half his riffs smell like beer and honky-tonks, while the other half sound like redneck cousins of Led Zeppelin. ”

“Worthy of the wide audience”

“The Southern rock and blues get the spotlight on Paranoid and the results are spectacular. Better than spectacular actually…it’s his best work to date.”