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“Wooooow Leo on Jamendo”

“Ultra Rare Hybrid Song! Leo Bowers blends his Warm Voice and Earnest Ryhthm & Blues Style to the Down Home Ambiance of a Classic Country & Western Ballad for this Fine laid back Single. Excellent!”

“Perhaps more well known Artists have recorded this song but NONE better. As always Musical Excellence!”

“Relevant Lyrics sung with Power and Grace then backed with Magical Electric Guitar Riffs. Simply Great!”

“Awesome . . . Awesome . . . . Bluesy, rockin' electric guitar . . . very nice . .. easy to listen to . .. great vocals and with such delightful, upbeat, positive lyrics . . My feet were continually tapping to the energy and lovely beats . . The singer (or singers) has an excellent voice that lends itself well to these bluesy rock songs. This music brought me back to the 60's, and 70's . . . r&b . . . the whole mood of the times . .. smooth yet full of edgy warmth . . . Perhaps the song that moved me the most was "My Friend" which touched me . . .. I really enjoyed the part of "Me, Myself and I" where the guitar took over . . . not too loud or overly exuberant but filling in the blanks with the same attitude as the over-all personality of the music . . Over all this was a delightful album . . . quite a surprise as I haven't run into much of this style on Jamendo or heard one of this genre done with such expertise . . . Thank you, so much, for sharing these excellent productions”

“Crank Up the Vintage Car and Cruise with Leo's Music! Can you see it? A Cherry Red 1974 Chevy Impala fully restored; washed and waxed. Sit inside. Feel, the Leather. Smell the Leather. Grip the Steering Wheel: turn the key. The Engine comes to Life. Put it in Gear then head for the nearest Back Country Road. One More Thing; turn up the Stereo with "Born of Love" playing. Deep, Deep Electric Bass rumbling. Electric Guitar Buzzing in Fine Distortion and Bowers himself Singing. His voice Warm and Reassuring with a Smooth Background Chorus rounding out the Sound. Strange Review? Listen to this Single and see what Images come into your Mind. Bowers has the "Touch" audition and experience...”

“Easy Hand is Easy on the Ears Leo Bowers' Songs almost always tells a story and this work is no exception. This said, there is a Melodic Flowing quality to the Instrumentation which just makes the Music "Flow". Leo's Voice and background Vocals are no less well done and those so inclined to focus on the Lyrics will not be disappointed. Either way this is a very enjoyable work.”

“This song, is definitely not one of my favourites... however, I have no other choice but to reckon that, there's effectively some kind of an indisputable attraction in it, that makes me wanna go through it, just like if I have no other option. I mean, the whole song is a bit repetitive, the vocals, besides not being very representative of your best style, are also inserted, as if in a sort of instrumental mode, and just the coming of the refrain seems to produce some relief of the constant anxiety, which the song excites in general... oh... wait a minute! I guess that, even if unwittingly, I just got it. I'll be damned...”

“A captivating kind of song, with lots of groove, pertinent vocals and a great guitar work. Perhaps that, if I really had to stand out something about, or inside the song, I would say all of the sudden it's the guitar, but deep down, I also know that such fact, is also due to the circumstantial fact that it's my favourite playing instrument. None the less, my musical perception, also tells me that... of course the skills do matter, also... the guitar shines, also because there's the right base and environment to it. The vocal work, even and despite not being outstanding just by itself, is quite pertinent, and very adequate. The rhythm is undoubtedly very addictive and alive, so, therefore, at the end of the day, I would not really point anything in particular, but the song as a whole. Nice one, Leo... really nice.”

“Smack, Boom, Bang, Bam and Pow: Bowers' Knockout Style Retro and Warm. Soul with Rhythm & Blues. Guitar and Electric Organ. The "Ingredients" are all here to make a Musical Brew as only Leo Bowers can. The Sound and Style of Bowers' voice( including Lyrics ) can easily remind Listeners of the Late 70s: when Similar Songs Ruled AM Radio and gave Ambiance to Action TV Series( "Baretta", "Starsky and Hutch" and etc. ) Toss in Smokey Electric Bass and Guitar with that unmistakeable Electric Organ Groove and Magic Happens. Check out this Song for a Ride into the Lounge of the Mind; Bowers Style.”

“And if, at the end of the song, a one tear, at least, won't be there... peeking at the corner of the eye, then, you don't have a suitable heart, and this song, ain't definitely for you. Love and affection, in their vast strands, is a recurring subject for musicians, and only their ingenuity, often make possible that it don't turns, into a futility. More than just saying "I love you", it's important to make others feel it, and to that, actions, speak almost always louder than words, however, and as a complement, they may surely be the warmth, that helps drying and fixing the cement, in any relation, necessarily under permanent construction. Despite its sadness penchant, this is an absolutely delightful declaration of love, supported by loads of musicality and genuineness. Again, your particular voice makes all the difference, and despite that all the instrumentation fulfils,... love the backing keyboard appointments... a special appreciation has definitel”

“What a beautiful track, Mr Leo ! Track : When You're Gone Really well composed and well played with passion and love.”

“Hometown, Home State, Homeland: The Ultimate Nostalgia Anthem of H.O.M.E. RangerSeriesBlack • Oct 21, 2014 New York has N.Y.C,. AKA the Big Apple. Illinois has Chicago: The Windy City The State of Ohio, has an edge on them--It has real "Heart" and "Soul" in the person of Mr. Leo Bowers, Composer, Singer and a True Son of the Buckeye State. In short, his Genuine Love and Adoration "radiates" from this song like a Solar Flare and NOTHING is overlooked; the Seasons, the Land, Family and Friends. The Instrument Orchestration compliments the Lyrics and Vocals perfectly with Comforting Electric Bass, Laid back Electric Piano, Mellow Sax and, a nod to Mayberry, a Fantastic Whistled Ending.”

“And also because of Leo, we've gotta love Ohio. Phoenix • Oct 20, 2014 First of all, and despite the delay, many congratulations my friend. I've never been to Ohio, however, I like it already, and just because of you and all your authenticity and generosity. It's your birthday and even so, it's us who get a present. Well, once again, you managed to create a very pleasant song, strongly impregnated by your unmistakable stamp, and in fact, a worthy tribute to any place of birth, in the whole world... lucky Ohio... which I guess that, by the force of the circumstances, is also to be congratulated. Hope life's good for you... always... and thanks.”

“Leo Does It Again! SouthOMike • Oct 8, 2014 Take a driving rhythm line, add a syncopated bass line and a strong backing of drums and you've got another Leo Bowers' song! I agree that this does have a touch of `70's sound, but, what the hell? So many tunes are laden with effects from drum machines and that damnable auto-tune that has been used to death, it's refreshing to hear a good simple song that says something - not all glitz! Mike Post was mentioned in an earlier review...Mr. Post was more instrumental and relied heavily on his guitar work to make the song. Leo does that with his vocals. I'll say this is one of those diamonds in the rough; now let's see who else can find it - I have!!”

“The Sound of Retro TV(Among Other Things...) RangerSeriesBlack • Sep 20, 2014 The Moment this Single began the images of Classic Muscle Cars gunning engines and burning rubber while being chased by police Black and White Squad Cars, Bell Bottom Pants, Platform Shoes came to mind. In short, a 1970-ish Hard Driving Rock Beat and Screaming Electric Guitar [ reminiscent of TV Soundtrack Mike Post ] and Bowers', "I'm Dead On Your Case..", refrain captured my imagination instantly. Listeners who are able to understand the Lyrics may find the Retro TV Theme reinforced as well finding themselves well able to personally relate to the Lyrics. In short, a Good Hard Rockin', Hard Drivin' and even Good for Hard Drinkin'...Song.”

“Blast From the Past.. RangerSeriesBlack • Sep 20, 2014 A "Living Record" of the Evolution of the Style, Arrangement and Mood of Bowers as he was in 1996, is presented to the Listener in this Single. In my opinion, the Foundation is the Same; Lounge-Blues(y) Rock with Flashes of Rhythm and Blues is clearly heard and Bowers' vocals have only improved with Time. I've often used the word "Warm" to describe his vocals and to my ears a timbre and resonance change is apparent. I do not believe this to a result of the difference in Recording Technology from 1996 to 2014 but Growth, Development and Maturity(life experience not age) in the Singer. 'Curiosity', was Good in its Time and remains so in the Present but the Artist has indeed Blossomed.”

“The Good Reverend Leo Bowers! SouthOMike • Sep 23, 2014 Up And Down with Leo's distinctive voice gives an impression of a soulful gathering in a church setting, with the organist keeping the melody going, the backup singers filling in with the necessary refrain (when needed) and the good Reverend Leo preaching his word! Almost has an Al Green feel to it, with a slight tinge of the M.G.'s as well. Good music, my friend! Look for it in a couple of my shows coming up!”

“Especially appropriate for two occasions in life: when we're up, and, when we're down. Phoenix • Sep 21, 2014 very well balanced in pace, and, in accordance with the theme embraced, the song benefits also greatly, of a vocal uniqueness, both in terms of tonality, as style; vocals, which and despite of transmitting a strong idea of leadership, got even more reinforced, with an extra competent effort in some backing vocals... still, I cant help wondering how they would have result, with a full bodied mixed chorus, instead. Anyway, praising or appeasing, the time is always right, when it comes to listen to this song, that, just like life itself, with its inevitable ups and downs, is also essential.”

“The Bowers' Philharmonic Style RangerSeriesBlack • Sep 20, 2014 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs Classical Symphonies of Great Masterpieces and while this Single is certainly not Classical--like a Great Symphonic Work its disparate Elements combine with Harmonious Power, Depth and Execution as to Constitute a "Philharmonic Level" Masterpiece. In plain English, Leo Bowers distinctive voice, Clarion Acoustic Guitar, Profound Bass, Well Executed Electric Guitar Riffs and Heartbeat Percussion, all of which are familiar, resonate to create a Wonderful Sound but what takes it to the next level are the Background Chorus Vocals which compliments Bowers' Voice in such a way as to Elevate the Artist/Band; each part of the Music--separate yet unified. Listen to the story that is told or just Enjoy the Sound: either way it's a winner.”

“The best sonic production of a Leo Bowers work, that I listened so far. Phoenix • Jul 15, 2014 If there were any doubts, here's what a better quality production, can do for musical creation, when quality is also its middle name. It ain't no need to be an expert, to acknowledge some qualities to Leo Bowers. He has got a musical soul and the ability, to transmit it. More even, he was blessed with a voice, that fit very well, in the musical areas, in which he seems to orbit, that, as I see it, have the rhythm and blues as gravitational center with occasional incursions into a few other musical areas, such as country, rock or even popular music. I know that, the so called quality productions, often have a wicked effect on music, which passes by the "cleaning" of incapacities or lack of ability, but, in the case... and going through some of the Bowers discography, may undo any doubts...”

“I must confess that this one, was kinda hard to get into my ear. Phoenix • Sep 4, 2014 The sound appears to be a bit saturated, and the vocals seem to suffer the most with that, however, I know that such fact, serves not even as an excuse for not enjoying the song. The fact is that the rhythm is great, and the vocal work complies as expected... and some insistence proved to be rewarding, but... I have to confess that for reasons I'm not able to discern clearly... maybe it was just a transitory state of mind... my ears, offered an extra resistance to this one. It has nothing whatsoever to do with it, but, I clearly remember getting an instantaneous aversion to the "Rolling Stones" album "Black And Blue", and now it has a special place in my music collection. Go figure...”

“Get It Funky Now! SouthOMike • Aug 19, 2014 Leo, my brother, you got down and funky with this one! (Do wish there was a touch more bottom to the bass, but hey...) Good tone, easy on effects, and if people don't at least tap their foot, they need to check their hearing!”

“Thank you Mister Leo meholt • Aug 12, 2014 I am another child, I do not know how to speak but a thing which I know, I would always listen to you”

“The rhythm n blues goes nasty... all day and above all, all night long. Phoenix • Aug 12, 2014 And may Lord have mercy on our souls, what a delightful nastiness it is. How can we resist to the charms of such a funky mood. The rhythm is so groovy, and the feeling so exciting, that we really feel like doin' it, all day and all night long. The vocals just couldn't evolve within a more appropriate kind of fashion, and the vocoder effect on the refrain, really projects the meaning of the word nasty, into a whole new level of nastiness. With an absolutely irresistible guileful type of package, it's the kind of song that can easily turn saints of all kinds, into helpless sinners. Yeah, I'll see you all in hell...”

“A soulful song, bursting out, of a power rock n roll packing. Phoenix • Jul 11, 2014 There sure are a lot of different ways of being sorry. Perhaps, as many, as there are people in this world. Nevertheless, I suppose that we can agree on two... the deceiving and the truthful one. Like so, how can we distinguish one from the other? The answer is simple: hardly. Most of the times, we have to trust our intuition and occasionally, even that effort, won't help. So, what can we really do about it? Well... here's what. Once we came here, we can always start, by listening to this fantastic composition about the subject. And here's, perhaps, a good exercise: while listening, lets try to interiorize the feeling it exhorts, and in the end, attempt to identify in which kind of "being sorry" it fits. Yes... you sure got it right.”

“Curiosity... got me curious. Phoenix • Jul 4, 2014 But, you know what they say... curiosity killed the cat. Well, I just couldn't help myself and ultimately, decided to go on for another saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained. And I'm just glad I did it, because apparently I ended up crossing with another one, which claims that fortune favors the bold. It may not be exactly a saying, however, it's widely accepted, that music is a good thing for both the body and soul. I tell you no lie, when I say this one sure is... so listen... even if only out of curiosity.”

“Listen--You Won't Be Sorry RangerSeriesBlack • Jun 20, 2014 Listeners who speak English will be treated to another of Bower's Superb Ballads, which NEVER FAIL to deliver a poignant, personal life story without being "Preachy". Listeners who don't speak English will be treated to a Mellow Vocal that exudes a curious mix of Warmth and Strength that is soothing to the ear. The words may not be understood but the FEELING is Universal and Well Communicated. All will be treated to Driving Rock Beat that is Punctuated by a Cool "Fuzzy" Electric Guitar Buzz and Satisfying Electric Bass. Add Leo's Voice and the Mix is Enchanted. Audition--you will not be sorry.”

“A Must Have Single RangerSeriesBlack • 2014. 1. 30. It is quite Extraordinary how Leo Bowers, can Stir Emotions AND Calm the Soul Simultaneously with his Music and this Song does so Splendidly. The Essence, like previous Works, Features a Warm, Soulful Sound that Blends, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Folk and Classic Rock into a Standalone Hybrid that is completely Unique. Listeners who understand English are treated to yet another “Down Home Story” that most can relate to in and Sung In Manner that makes One Feel as if Bowers is communicating Directly and Personally to the Listener. Non English speakers are treated to a Melodic Male Vocal that is Smoky and Familiar. Understanding the words is not necessary to comprehend the Message. Instrumentally speaking the Crooning of Electric Guitar/Bass continues the Halfbreed Band's Signature “Fuzzy Keening” which is pure Silk to the Ears. This is a MUST HAVE Song.”

“At 5:05pm on December 26, 2013, Dolle said… "Christmas Together"...............Um gonna christen this one "The Mistletoe Jam"!!! lol It's not the usual "Lets-all-gather-round-the-fire-and-watch-for-santa" songs. This one is mistletoe on steroids! Makes you wanna line dance, hand dance, take a sip of mistleoe "tea" and start all over again! It's got that old school flavor and the BEAT is ON POINT! As the Muppets sang so long ago...... Gather and sing bout this glorious thing known as Christmas together! Families created by friendship as well as by warmth! Even the poor are so rich in love! And laughter is never in dearth! So celebrate Christmas for all it is worth! To friendship! To family! To YOU, Leo!”

“A Very Bowers' Christmas RangerSeriesBlack • Dec 8, 2013 Leo Bowers' voice has the Warmth and Sweetness of a Cordial Liqueur. His Pitch, Cadence and Resonance has a way of reaching inside the Listener's Soul. Add these qualities a Stage Band Sound with it's Substantial Bass and Percussion mix into a Yuletide Message a la Bowers and modern Carol fit for the Ages is Born. I suggest adding this Single to your Christmas Play List and a very Merry Christmas will be had by All.”

“Another Love Gone Wrong—Soulful Style RangerSeriesBlack • Nov 10, 2013 Leo Bowers, hits a Poignant Note in this Ballad of a Failed Romance but as the saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining” and in this case it's the Warm, Mellow and Hyper Soulful Sound that is Exclusively Bowers'. Listen, Relate, Ponder or just plain—ENJOY.”

“Good track MasGaNo • 5/17/13 10:22 AM Track : Bitter Sweet Very good! :) ”

“Very Nice GTPhoenix • 5/18/13 10:37 PM Track : Bitter Sweet Great song, very good vocals. great download. ”

“Contemporary Take on a “Soulful” R & B Single RangerSeriesBlack • 5/21/13 3:26 AM “The Groove is Hot but Bitter Sweet, Brothers and Sisters. So, Kick Back and Relax and Let Leo lead the Way...” Immediately upon hearing this Laid-back Single Saunter Lazily through the air—those old enough to remember the Late 70s might have heard a DJ on the local R & B Radio Station utter such a phrase. Cow Bell to Blues and Electric Bass hit all the Right Notes but it's Bowers' Hypnotic Voice which gives the Mix the Magic. Bitter might be in the Title but this Single is ALL SWEET. ”

“ Jamendo Review Hot? Tired? Haggard? Need a Pick Me Up?--Look No Further. The Cure is Here! Report this review (spam, insults, etc.) RangerSeriesBlack • 2012-07-26 07:15:17 Prepare to enjoy one of the best—Lightly Effervescent and Uplifting Mixed Genre Pop Singles on Jamendo. Leo Bowers, blends a Warm Acoustic Guitar Voice with Electric Bass then Sprinkles a Hint of 80s Disco Background Percussive Ambiance and a Dash of World Beat Keyboard that demands Y-O-U nod and sway to the Groove. But as Good as the Instruments are—it is the Earnestly Soulful Voice that sends this Song to the Stratosphere. Simply sweet-sweet Lyrics but even if Listeners do not understand the words—it Sounds GOOD! You are GOING TO HIT REPLAY MANY TIMES>”

“ It’s tough to be completely original in music; I get that. There are so many bands and so many styles that virtually everybody is going to end up sounding like somebody else at one point or another. What I don't get is this: If music is truly your passion...why be afraid to explore that passion? Why not step out of your comfort zone, and see what's up with your talent? Why not give yourself a chance to really fly? THIS GUY, takes it to a whole new level by raising the bar. He's been honing his craft for more than a minute, with the same passion he started out with. You can actually HEAR his passion for the music in every song....Truth be told, THIS GUY has paid his dues, and deserves our unbridled applause. He's not allowed anyone associated with the music industry to put him "in lay-away", and he's remained true to his passion thru thick and thin...Read More ”