Lee Tyler Post / Press

“Soulful singer-songwriter ala classic rock. Lee's voice; the edge of Springsteen, the smoothness of Steve Perry, and the soul of Greg Allman”

The San Diego Reader

“Lee Tyler Post, a folk rock poet - true believer, and vocalist of nearly unmatched soul. He has a big, gentle stage presence as he performs, and his music smolders with intensity”

Yes Weekly - Greensboro, NC

“Post writes Songs from the Heart for the Soul. He is a troubadour in the truest sense. A traveler who finds refuge in rhythm and melody.”

Peninsula Daily News, WA

“The songs Lee croons are filled with the kind of raw soul and lyrical power many of us in this country grew up on”

Rotcod Zzaj - ImproviJAZZationNation Magazine

“Lee's music is a powerful blend of soul and heart delivered in haunting melodies on an incredible voice. The lyrics hold your attention as you wait to see where he is taking you”

Michael Yugo - D.C Acoustic Underground

“Amazing musician you must see live”

C & P Coffee Company in Seattle

“Post's sound is as much the Springsteen and Van Morrison as it is Otis Redding and Al Green: blue-collar heartland grit mixed with Motor City soul”

The San Diego Troubadour

“Lee's songs are some of the most emotion drenched that I've ever heard. His music comes straight from the heart”

C.W. Ross - Indie Music Stop

“From deep-river low and bar-room husky to pure high and flying, his voice is an instrument of beauty”

William Henry Prince - Circuit Sweet Magazine - England, UK

“Post has a voice that can jump from refined polish to raw emotion and back without breaking a sweat the way Phoebe Snow skips from octave to octave”

Virginia's Reviews - MusicAustin.com

“Throw the imagio of Johnny Cash, the vocal clarity of Edwin McCain, and Dylan-esque lyrics, and you're just scratching the surface ”

Michael Shear of the New York Overview

“Post's heart-wrenching ballads are guaranteed to hit a personal note. I got goose-bumps just listening to his myspace on my laptop the first time I clicked him into my world. And live, oh good lord. That's a WOW”

IndustryMag.Net - Greenville, SC

“intense and straight from the heart, The music speaks for itself”

Encore Magazine - NC

“It's a hard road that's seldom taken these days. But I, for one, sleep better at night knowing there are still people like Lee Tyler Post in the world, traveling from town to town like a wandering gypsy troubadour”

Lost Cat Records - NY

"Lee is not only a great guy-but hands down probably the best male vocalist I have come across in the Indie circle. I don't say that lightly! He is just amazing"

Cindy Smith D'Adamo - Ladylake Music

“Lee Tyler is one of the most talented musicians who has ever performed locally. You must hear him sing in person. His voice is like an instrument and his songs will inspire you”

Anna King - Just Imagine Gallery - Tijeras, NM

“If passion had a voice”

Mikey's Coffee in San Diego

“Lee is more then just music, he is the essence of soul. He captivates audiences from first listen, then blows them away”

Nubzilla's Cafe, Florida

“Lee is clearly in a league with the greats like Van Morrisson, Springsteen, The Allman Bros. And he's one of the nicest people I've been fortunate to meet. Somebody should make him famous, Or at least rich!”

Six Degrees with Carol 91.9 WNTI Radio - NJ

“Here is a big, big urgent voice parked somewhere between the dark growls of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and soulful pleas of Eddie Kendricks (Temptations)”

The San Diego Troubadour

“I was simply blown away when I heard Lee live! I wasnt prepared for the power of his vocals (which I rate up there with folks like Otis, Smoky, Eddie, and Jackie Wilson) which is matched by the power of his songwriting: What a dynamo”

Music Community Resouces - Seattle, WA

“Chills! Amazing music. One of the best musicians I have ever heard!”

ARTSfest - Winston-Salem, NC

“a musician who comes from a short list and dying breed of soulful songwriters”

Deadfish Grill - Belton, TX

“Lee Tyler Post's music is like Lay's Potato Chips - nobody can listen to just one”

Uncle Shag of WLSO.FM - South Carolina

“His tunes are full of soul, of himself. He is a storyteller and you will simply be swept away in them”

David Schneider - Radio Free David - New Mexico

“Having honed his craft in Nashville, Lee Tyler Post comes to us with honest, heartfelt and soulful music that is rich in sound and full in melody. Playing all originals, there is no comparison, just music you can sink your teeth in to”

Borders Books in San Diego

“Incredible soulful singer with a phenomenal voice!”

Muddy Creek Cafe - NC

"Lee Tyler Post, a folk rock vocalist with no equal in passion or soul. A rare find for music lovers who enjoy acoustic road warriors travelling the highways and byways of the land to bring great music and messages to those open to listening to a good storyteller."

- Ken Johnson Founder, Kicks Coffee Cafe - TX

“A voice that could make brickwork cry”

Wine On The Waterfront - Port Angeles, WA

“Imagine Bruce Springsteen singing Van Morrison songs”

Muzo Records - England

“LTP is one of the finest Artists I've found in years. His smooth as silk voice soothes the restless spirit. His lyrics are heartfelt and masterful. He is a brilliant artist and his CD's are amazing. He is a superstar and doesnt know it yet”

DJ Shashona @ awesomeradio.net

“Post plays with incredible heart, cutting across meaningless divides like 'radio station classifications' and 'sub-genres'. What you're left with at the end are thoughts bordering solely on the music”

Gods of Music.com

“Post sings with a deep feeling of soul that I haven't heard in a long time”

Ren Zenner - The Coast News in Oceanside, CA

“think of a wittier and more inventive Bob Seger”

Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet, Tampa FL

“This is the type of music that talks to your soul. Acoustic guitar based, rock style ballads, that tell the story of your own life, as if Lee was writing it”

IdleHandsMag.com - NC

“Lee Tyler Post has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. And after the song is over, you either need to go back and listen again, or take a minute to recover. Soul-searing vocals and just damn good music”

Mother Hen Productions - Los Angeles, CA

“The Springsteen of the South!”

Jasper's Porch - Ridgeland, SC

“The fact that this man is an unsigned musician and his music is not being played on radio stations nationwide only confirms my thoughts that something has gone terribly wrong within the music industry”

DJ Deb of Unsigned Musicians

“Post has the kind of a voice like, say, Roy Orbison - that picks you up by the scruff of your neck and doesn't let you go”

Great American Music Hour - Richland, VA

“Music touching the soul with hints of yesterday, today! With a style all his own bringing back to memory the sounds of Gordon Lightfoot, Van Morrison, Otis Redding”


“Lee's voice is masked by his kind and quiet demeanor but only until he sings. And that is Lee Tyler Post. An amazing performer and king, and gentle soul who is on a journey many of us wish we could experience”

D.C Acoustic Underground

“This Independent Artist is the Real Deal. He presents himself in a professional manor ready for the stage. But its not just the presentation, it's the execution that will blow you away. It’s the ”It” factor”

Al Alvarez - A and R Productions - Tampa, FL

“Post’s talent is being able to connect with and move people through his extraordinary voice and song-writing skills. He seems to trigger a very spiritual and emotional response in people. I have seen it, felt it and know it to be true.”

William Henry Prince - Circuit Sweet - UK

“Lee's strong songwriting, clear voice, and classic sound and style conjur immediate wanderlust. His songs spark that familiar feeling that comes from the freedom to explore life”

The 102.1 KPRI Homegrown Hour

“Lee Tyler Post is one of those rare finds from the back of a dusty old antique store where under a pile of broken bone china you find a stack of records and each one is brilliant”

The Night-Watchmen - San Fran, CA

“Did the Lord just forgive me or is Lee Tyler Post singing again? Southern rock, gospel and sincerity showed up at FTP's door June 2008”

Tainted Blue Studios in NYC

“Sultry...He fell off the soul tree”

DJ Billy Hunt - NC A&T University

“While some artists might throw around terms such as “gypsy” and “troubadour”, few actually live the life of a musician who can call the road home like Mr. Post”

Michael Staton - Anderson Independent-Mail - SC

“Music that is soulful and bluesy with home grown inspiration, with lyrics that resonate of someone who is grounded in family and faith”

Balentine Productions, Florida