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“Q: What were you doing when you were working with your dad on “Do You Hear What I Hear?” A: I was listening for that resonance that he has that I’ve heard all my life in the church. My father has a really powerful voice. He’s a native of Alabama and that’s where our tradition is from, the South. I was trying to get him to sing with the power and the intensity that I’ve always heard him sing with when I was growing up, something I am unable to capture with my voice. I thought it would be a nice contrast. My voice is a little smoother and I wanted him to use his raspiness. He has that smoothness too; that’s where I get it.”

“The number one holiday song in the country right now is Pentatonix's "Mary Did You Know?" It's a beautiful song and I like the version Pentatonix recorded. I like the Lee Hawkins version better.”

“A Lee Hawkins interview with the Wiggles turned into a gig for the Minnesotan, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Fox Business Network regular guest and, let’s not forget … singer. Hawkins and the Wiggles are scheduled to “do a little performance” Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “After the Bell” show. “We’re going to do a song. We’re going to sing something,” Hawkins told me Wednesday, not tipping his hand as to what. “After the Bell” airs at 3 p.m. in ­Minnesota. “My mom and dad [Roberta and Lee, Sr.] watch every week,” he said. Hawk connected with the Wiggles, a multiplatinum Australian group that performs for children, when he interviewed them for “WSJ Live” in 2013. “We sang in the interview,” he told me. “After the interview, we ended up singing a couple of Motown songs off camera and then they asked me to perform in a New York concert a day ater. I did that and later I went to Australia to tape their TV series ‘Wiggle House,’ and we re”

“Hawkins was one of four finalists in last year’s SoulTracks Soul Music Song Competition for another song, “Don’t Run Away.” And years before that – when Hawkins was working as a reporter in Milwaukee and performing gigs across the Midwest – he was a 1st runner-up in one of the ASCAP/RIAA’s Grammy Demo Showcase competitions. His musical talents also landed his photo and an accompanying write-up in Billboard magazine columnist Gail Mitchell’s “Rap, Rhythm, & Blues” column. He also caught the ears of Europe-based Café De Soul label, which included two songs from his 2002 rare release, “Serenade,” on its critically-acclaimed Café De Soul Chapter Three compilation album.”

“Wall Street Journal reporter and Minnesota native Lee Hawkins' "I Love You Woman" was Grand Prize winner in the R&B category of the 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Winning the contest "prompted me to release a few songs from my catalogue on iTunes under the title 'Midnight Conversations,'" he told me.”

“As a journalist, Lee Hawkins has spent most of his time giving his viewers and readers the inside story on the world around them. That’s why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Hawkins is also an R&B songwriter and singer. Still, many of those following his journalistic work have no idea about his musical talents. Hawkins was recently named a Grand Prize Winner in the R&B category of the internationally renowned John Lennon Songwriting Contest for “I Love You Woman,” an adult contemporary song he wrote last year in tribute to single mothers. Winning the JLSC immediately turned the spotlight to his music, prompting Hawkins to release Midnight Conversations, an 11-song album produced by R&B producer George Nash Jr. (Earth, Wind & Fire, Jimmy Sommers, Eric Benet) on iTunes and dozens of other digital outlets.”

“artist Lee Hawkins-Don't Run Away - Cafe de Soul | Billboard.com artists song song-9183811 song-9183811 prod billboard.artist/songsartistid=artist-847761 Lee Hawkins-Don't Run Away - Cafe de Soul”

“Soul Clinic Jan. 16, 2003 Shawn L. Heckstall I'm blessed - male gospel, some appeal to R&B listeners Winston Levely Ford let me be the one LRS pop R&B style singing, balladier type, his "old" 12 inch record was better (more soulful) than this album Evander Everlast & the 7th Street Soul Choir A tribute to Usher Big Eye all tracks are cover versions of Usher, not particular singing Jon Wes Let's do it C-Note emotional urban singer, but not so strong... Lee Hawkins Serenade - lots of downtempo tracks in tender & romantic mood ”

“Cafe De Soul, Chapter Three It seems that Café De Soul has successfully taken the same role as the Expansion Soul Sauce compilations had ten years ago: picking independent soul gems from small U.S. labels and releasing them in the U.K. as value-for-money compilation CD’s. This is the third volume in the Café de Soul compilation series, and it contains the absolute killer cuts of this spring: The opening cut I Can Love You Better is an excellent mellow mid-pacer with a tasteful production and a classy melody – Phillip Hunter is a new name to me, but certainly one to watch for the future. You Do It (You Make Me High) is a strong duet between Tonia Woods and Jarrard Anthony, taken from Tonia’s debut set All That Glitters, which was reviewed in our issue 4/2002. I also greatly enjoyed the Leon Ware-ish sophisticated soul atmosphere on Lee Hawkins’ ballad Come with Me (Live with Me) – the other track by Hawkins (Don’t Run Away) is another quality tune.”

“Continued: It turns out that journalist Lee Hawkins is a singer, too The polished corporate side of Lee Hawkins is only part of the profile. There's a photo of Hawkins on the Web looking very hip in a fur because he's also a singer. That fur is a far cry from the corporate look of the Wall Street Journal reporter and CNBC correspondent who anchored a TV special now in rotation about "NEWBOs: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass." "It's more adult contemporary R&B," Hawkins said. "Think of Sade, Brian Mc-Knight. Anita Baker." He said he hasn't intentionally avoided discussing his music career. "It's one of those things that's just second nature to me," he said. "It doesn't occur to me that it would be so odd for others to know I'm also a singer."”

“MIDWEST SERENADE: Singer/songwriter Lee Hawkins wants to alert the music industry: There's a lot of talent in the Midwest that's going unnoticed. Hawkins is one of those artists. His independent debut, the R&B/hip-hop/pop-rhythmed ``Serenade,'' is currently available through cdstreet.com. Among the set's producers are George Nash Jr. (Eric Benet, Jimmy Sommers), Peter Buffett (the soundtracks to ``Dances With Wolves'' and ``The Scarlet Letter''), Michael Hoffmann (the Verve Pipe), and Greg Doby Jr. (Bizzy Bone). Hawkins' songwriting collaborators include guitarist Nick Carter and Lisa Weathers (Benet's sister and former partner in EMI act Benet). Album cut "Don't Run Away," co-penned by Hawkins and Nash, was one of two runners-up in the Chicago chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' 2002 Grammy Demo Showcase.”

Gail Mitchell - Billboard magazine: Rhythm, Rap and The Blues column