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“'Final Approach' marries the stomping aesthetic of hard rock with elevated harmonies to yield a triumphant fusion of sensibilities - Lebish and Grinnell are on to something great.'”

“Dear Kendra: Thank you for that delightful review.We are currently working on some new material as well as building a new high tech studio in Maine and a satellite digital room in Connecticut. We have some great new ideas that we are bringing to fruition .We do try to remain true to the spirit of the songs and to me the ideas morph into what they want to be .Lyrics are tough. " I love you baby and we're gonna be alright tonight"just doesn't cut it. IÂ try to make things more outside the box , edgy and different.Like coffee and a bible "Jamie's lyric" That line is different and cool to me.and it expresses a real idea that I think a lot of people relate to. We want to bring our music to a new and higher level this year; and it's nice to have you on board. All the best to you......................................Jeff Grinnell aka Lebish/Grinnell p.s. We welcome your input; especially when you like us!.........jg.................................”

“Lebish Grinnell Music Creates The Calm; Lebish Grinnell Music is two men who love to make music and enjoy life. They create heartfelt songs that showcase what they're all about. Two things some need in the morning before they start their day is the good book, and a cup of Joe. Lebish Grinnell Music captured that idea with the upbeat, yet easygoing track "Coffee and a Bible." We get a little more secular with "Final Approach" as far as the music goes because that alone sounds like what you'd hear from AC chart toppers like Hall and Oates in the 80's. "Sapphire Blue" was brought to my attention through visuals in a video and those shots combined with the calming tone of the vocals could only land me in serene state of mind. The visuals also help to create the idea that this song if for the loved ones of Lebish Grinnell Music. If you're a fan of acts like Ryan Adams then you have to see what Lebish Grinnell Music is cooking up and dig in. (http://www.lebishgrinnellmusic.com/)”

“Jeff and I are so grateful for all the amazing time talent and purpose behind our songs. This is our Art. Display audibly.”