Leaving Haven / Press

“Orlando Rock band Leaving Haven will have the stage and will be celebrating guitarist Mike Strippoli’s Birthday. Leaving Haven is relatively new to the scene and were very impressive at their recent show at The Haven. Leaving Haven takes the stage at 9:45 PM. ”

“Orlando band Leaving Haven is new on the scene, but its members are not new to the music business. “What sets us apart from other bands is our knowledge of the music industry and the realization of knowing that every detail counts and nothing can be overlooked. The dedication that the four of us put in to this band is tremendous.” ”

““We write music that all of us in the band enjoy listening to and playing. It just so happens that our fans enjoy the same music as us. When people can relate to our songs in anyway it makes me happy. If they take one thing from one song it makes it all worth it!” ”

“Next up was Leaving Haven in their first show. The band members, Trevor Hastings (vocals), Luke Melsenti (guitar), Benjamin Melsenti (drums), and Mike Strippoli (guitar) had April Marie on bass for this show. The new band has already put together some terrific straight-forward Rock songs including “Never Miss Me,” “Like You,” “Dark Red Lies,” and “Scars.” One song from their set, “Nuance” can be streamed on their Facebook page. They played incredibly tight for a band that has been together for such a short time. It looked a little dangerous for the rest of the band as the powerhouse drumming of Ben Melsenti caused pieces of sticks to occasionally fly out at them. ”