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“‘One woman band,’ Laura Thurston performs Black Bear show for fans willing to brave the cold”

"She's capable of pulling off a clever ode all by her lonesome"

“Charleston folkie Laura Thurston's stripped-down solo debut is a breezy piece of work. The eight-song collection melds elements of traditional folk with '60s-style pop, '70s folk-rock (think Joni Mitchell-meets-Judy Collins), and Dylan-esque harmonica accents. She describes the music as "melodic, soulful folk-grass," which is a pretty fair assessment.”

“There are many talented female singer-songwriters today, but there is one element of Laura Thurston’s live performance that helps her stand out. “I can play four instruments at one time, and I do!” she laughs.”

“It isn't unusual for musicians to be multi-talented instrumentally — a little guitar, a little percussion, maybe some piano. But folk singer-songwriter Laura Thurston takes it a step further by playing four instruments at the same time in her original songs. Armed with a guitar, harmonica, tambourine and suitcase kick drum, Thurston is a one-woman band. Read more: Sanford Herald - One woman band to kick off N C shows in Sanford”

“Hollow Reed expands lineup  Hick Child Soup says hello, too Local roots/groove combo Hollow Reed — an acoustic act led by string players/vocalists Laura Thurston and Gwyn Waller — has been mighty busy this summer. They've expanded the lineup to a quintet and worked on demo recordings. Thurston has also kicked off a new musical project with singer/guitarist Shawn Hagan called Hick Child Soup. She calls it a band "with a spirit of soul, bluegrass, Americana, and folk." They play at Café Kronic on James Island (827 Folly Rd.) on Sun. Aug. 29 at 11 a.m., and at Lazo's on Folly (11 Center St.) later that evening.”

T. Ballard Lesemann - Charleston City Paper

“Hick Child Soup- Drop In Deli 11/02 November 4th, 2010 7:40 pm ET  Laura Thurston and Shawn Hagan of Hick Child Soup With a folk-inspired soulful Americana, Charleston singer-songwriters Laura Thurston and Shawn Hagan delighted again Tuesday night at Drop In Deli on Center Street on Folly Beach as Hick Child Soup.  Longitme friends, the duo performed an excellent two set show beginning at 10PM to an enthusiastic audience.   Switching out on lead guitar and vocals, the intimate venue was filled with a colorful crowd, and convinced at least one group of engineers to call in sick the next day!  Laura and Shawn, who have been playing together in one group or another for the better part of five years have brought together their original tunes, inspired by a lifetime of travel and friendships, playing crowd pleasing favorites...”