Lake Isle / Press

““Steel Rails” uses spaced-out guitars to reinforce the nervous energy of the vocals, and when the drums & bass make their tight entrance, they round out the equation for a great listen. i was surprised at the sonic bigness of the sound they were able to achieve at the Green Bean, and that characteristic carries through on their recordings as well.”

“The introspection and moodiness of Dougherty's songs, not to mention the technical command he maintains over his vocal instrument, also bring to mind folksingers Tim Hardin and Tim Buckley.”

“Dougherty’s vocals are a mix of Ryan Adams, Ron Sexsmith and Damien Rice, but his attempts to understand people are strikingly direct and empowered.”

Jennie Thompson - Go Triad

“This evocative music has started echoing in my head even when I’m not listening to it.”

“You know that really great soft song on every indie rock album, the one that you wish there was more of, well Dougherty succeeds on creating an album full of them.”