Time To Be Proud Records / Artist Roster

  • 3D Shark
    3D Shark
  • Deja Vu (Belfast 77)
    Deja Vu (Belfast 77)
  • Emily Ryder
    Emily Ryder
  • Jerkin Crocus
    Jerkin Crocus
  • JudeUK
  • Stop! Stop! Start Again...
    Stop! Stop! Start Aga…
  • The Dollybyrds
    The Dollybyrds
  • The Sabrejets
    The Sabrejets
  • The Subway Poets
    The Subway Poets
  • The Terri Hooley Experience
    The Terri Hooley Expe…
  • Various Band Compilations
    Various Band Compilat…
  • Vipers Belfast
    Vipers Belfast