“Old Skool rock n' roll raunch just how you like it.”

Hollywood Rob Sherriff - Hollywood Sherriff Productions

"LA AIR RAID will be featured in our next issue [Jan 2016], a write up about the show [at Crazy Girls in Hollywood], very awesome and talented guys. Really brings that real LA rock back, loving the vibe."

“I heard old school rock n roll in that song ["Hey, Hey, Sweet Rock 'n' Roll"], not this pseudo synth crap they call music now. But, serious get you up and make you wanna scream rock n roll! Yup...yup.... I think I likes it. I think I likes it a lot....”

S. Thomas Fife - Silver Oak Entertainment Music Promotion

“LA AIR RAID is a rock group of bone-rattling seducers that leap across decades of hard rock history and make us feel that the music is still new, vibrant, and relevant. Though their songs articulate the urban scene of 21st century Los Angeles, they just as easily could be heard in London in the 60s, Berlin in the 70s, and New York in the 80s. The lyrics are buoyant and vigorous, the music exuberant and resonant. You have to hear them to believe them. ”

James Scarborough - The Huffington Post

“The band sounds great! Reminds me of my classic rock days at KNAC. ”

Ken Borgers - L.A. Radio Personality (KNAC, KCRW, KLON, JAZZKNOB.ORG)

“Their stuff is very entertaining. There's a lot to listen to. It's more than ear candy!”

Patrick Cochran - The World Famous Doll Hut, Anaheim, CA