Kristin Turo / Press

“Click URL to watch a youtube video of the local news coverage of Making Music Magazine's showcase featuring Kristin Turo.”

“The singer, songwriter and guitarist says she brings her introverted tunes to life with lyrics that spring directly from personal experience: "You get the most real lyrics that way. After I'm done writing (the song), I'm not dwelling on the feeling anymore, but it's on the paper, so I remember it and people who have felt the same relate. That's why I write: When you look at people's faces and you can tell that they feel the same way" Turo's candy-coated voice sweetly reaches out to her audiences, which is precisely the goal she's going for. "A lot of musicians want to be different." she says. "I embrace how people are all the same. We can all share the same feelings." Turo also runs her own businesses, Tall Tower Publishing and the label 10 Records, allowing herself full control and room for experimentation on her original projects. On "The Trigger", available on iTunes and Amazon.com, Turo wrote, played and produced everything on the album.”

“The summer's annual cruise nights begin on Thursday, May 5, at Bella Domani Catering, 5988 E. Taft Road, North Syracuse, where weekly car shows with music and food will be jamming right through September. DJ Jack Jones will spin oldies and disco near the cars, with local singer-songwriter Kristin Turo offering country and 1990's era pop covers near the food. The event, which runs from 6 p.m. until dark, is free to get in, with a $6 tariff for barbecue goodies. For details, visit www.belladomanicruise.com.”

Jessica Novak - Syracuse New Times