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Kranken Welpen / Press

“While there have been many incredible rock bands that have passed through the On Request Magazine vault recently, none have quite grabbed our attention in such a theatric and interesting way as Southern Californian's very own Kranken Welpen. Utilizing their German and Hungarian roots to infuse heavy metal and polka music, (yes, we're serious, polka music), this band has broken through the throngs of submissions we receive daily to make a standout debut that is not to be missed. Comprised of the husband/wife duo Professor Slaughter and Karpathia "Chaos", and bringing in amazing guitarists and even accordion players, this album is the collective genius of bands such as Slipknot, Disturbed, and Sumo Cyco with a pinch of Weird Al humor for good measure. The sound captured in tracks such as "EMF", "Yellow Cake" and "Drunken Sled Dog" make this unique band stand out in more ways than the titles. From the heavy riffs to the way in which the vocals change easily from (read more on link)”


“Walking on set for WDN, I didn't know how to play a lick of guitar. But by the time post production was finished, Kranken Welpen's expertly recorded guitar-tracks made me look like a guitar pro. Austin Anderson, from the movie Wiener Dog Nationals.”

Austin Anderson - Wiener Dog Nationals, the movie

“Enjoy our feature on Rock Over America magazine! http://www.rockoveramerica.com/Editorial&id=195&author=T.%20Ray%20Verteramo&title=Kranken%20Welpen:%20Cultures,%20Conures,%20&%20Killer%20Accordians”

“Up next was the unparalleled Kranken Welpen. Dressed in attire ranging from laced up leather and top hats to German lederhosen — and an abundance of hair — the band tore through song after song amid colored beams of light and pillars of fog. Kranken Welpen is so much more than a concert; it’s an experience. The stage was powered by the menacing command of vocalist Karpathia Kranken Chaos, side by side with bassist/accordion player Professor Slaughter. Lead guitars provided by both “The Artist” Auf Trinken against the unimaginable guitar virtuoso Deakon Lekross, with the all in one rhythm section Willy Weizen, on rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and sampler, all of which could only be put over the top by master percussionist Lamar Little, whose double kick speed alone is powerful enough to cause a natural disaster. The next 90 minutes, only broken to occasionally poke fun at their unique brand of music, there was no holding back in a performance that was truly exceptional.”

“OK, this guy calls me out of the blue and asks me about the magazine and what we do, and we start talking and he tells me he is with a “Metal Polka” Band… right out of the funny papers I do a verbal double take. “A Metal Polka” Band … I thought maybe he was pulling my leg, but they are the real deal, like straight out of the Black Forrest they are a real band, I got the CD and I have to tell you these guys are phenomenal. KRANKEN WELPEN ist de Bomb, complete with authentic costume of the old country and musical diversity moving from the comical to the serious in the measure of a chord.”

“Heavy Metal Polka. Yup! That’s what this is. No, this is not Weird Al on crack or a side show escaped from behind one of the lost merchant booths at Lollapalooza, this is a genuine draft. Not “lite,” not “micro-brewed,” the real trippel. It would be very easy to dismiss this German/American band as a novelty or a gimmick at first glance. But, it’s a pretty sobering and righteous experience when you realize that your laughter is not at them, it’s with them. And not just because they’ve got a great sense of humor…they’re actually brilliant! Kranken Welpen knows how to speak the real “anti-conformity, anti-establishment, hardcore, badass, fuck the rules, so let’s have fun with it,” language with a “momma dresses you funny” accent. This is no novelty. This band is so dead serious about what they do, the fun they have with it is infectious. The talent is very raw, which gives them a very distinctive Punk undercurrent in their sound. FULL REVIEW online at HEAVY”

“Kranken Welpen...WOW sums it up. I've never danced a Polka to a Metal band that I could have moshed to, until I saw Kranken Welpen. Their sound is a mix of Polka Metal/Hungarian Gypsy/Kraut Rock. I confess the minute I played their music my mouth hit the table and I was a fan. I have never heard anything like them, ever. The talent this band has is amazing and it can be clearly seen when they created lyrics for a composition from the 19th Century Classical composer Brahms and put a Metal/Rock/Polka sound to it. Not only is the music captivating, the lyrics are smart, comical, and at times tongue and cheek. I have seen over 280 different bands to date (this year) and this band stuck out among them and will make our end of year "Best of 2013" issue for certain. If you are a music fan and want to see something new and different, this is your band. On stage they move, they dance, they Polka, and they melt faces.”

“Kranken Welpen releases "Vengeance Und Vanity" Rating: Star5 August 6, 2013 It is rare that I will be so bold as to call a band on the fringe, but in this case I mean that in the most respectable way. Meet Kranken Welpen; a self described Polka Metal / Kraut Rock band. The reason I say fringe is because they push the limits of both Polka and Metal and the result is nothing less than epic. I had the honor of reviewing their newest album and the minute I hit play my jaw dropped, I had a smile from ear to ear (and it was real) and I wanted to share it with the word, this band is a MUST HEAR! (Full review available online, Reverb keeps cutting it off)”

“Kranken Welpen stepped up to perform at the Kid's Rock Benefit concert at Fender Center in Corona last night. After hearing their album "Vengeance Und Vanity" we knew we'd be in for a treat. Karpathia Chaos and Professor Slaughter, the masterminds behind this Heavy Metal Polka and Headbangin' fest had the Fender Center rockin'. Joining Kranken Welpen on stage was a little munchkin full in lederhosen fitting right in, the talented Chase Pregler rockin' some violin in fast paced Polka tune "Drunken Sled Dog". Sending the night into overdrive they shared experiences with The Fuzz, and our favorite, the cleaned up version of "EMF" (Eat My F*@K) kindly changed to 'Funk' for the kiddies. And closing with the high charged "Meat Me In The Bahamas". Kranken Welpen stepped up one time for this night for those in need. All monies received from the bands merch at the show went to a family who lost their home in a fire two days ago. Kranken Welpen is a show not to be missed!”

“Seriously, who would have thought that a metal band playing polka is actually a great idea. I mean, ‘cos it is. Okay, maybe not so much on paper, but hey, polka is kinda like metal isn’t it? I mean it’s fast, and…okay, so polka isn’t a damned thing like metal. But it is now, thanks to those wonderful folks that call themselves Kranken Welpen. I’m not sure what that exactly “Kranken Welpen” means, because I am too lazy to look it up, but it sounds metal. Probably really loud, too. Anyways, what appears to be a silly idea actually is being pulled off by these lunatics that go by names such as Kommandant Karpathia Kranken-Chaos and Professor Slaughter. Oh, and there’s violins and trumpets, too. Wow, sounds like Spinal Tap meets….well, actually I’m not sure how to describe all of this. But, there is no doubt Kranken Welpen should be hard and heavy, and pretty frickin’ entertaining ! ”

Brain Gell Radio

“I just listened to Dream Catcher. It is really pretty in a dark and eerie way; spooky operatic. Drunken Sled dog reminds me of some ancient Celtic/Germanic folk tune with an updated twist(ed)!”

Hollywood Fan - Fan from Burbank

"You guys are very strange people"...-Andy Dick

Andy Dick - Kranken Media

“They are Kranken Welpen! Part Spinal Tap, part Hogan’s Heroes with teeth, these take no prisoners, self-proclaimed “gypsy punk rock legends” do much more than just play music. Their weekly serial audio drama (episodes are featured on the DIY rock Bull Pit podcast) reveals a layered and well thought-out mythology leaving one wondering if they are even human. Their Gogol Bordello-inspired, riff-laden brand of metal is littered with militant posturing. Vocals, shared by Kommandant Kranken Chaos (guitar) and Professor Slaughter (bass, assorted power tools and other devices of destruction), deliver over-the-top and farcical lyrics with such ego and conviction that you will very likely find yourself on the floor laughing in hysterics (but don’t tell them that, they take themselves VERY SERIOUSLY)!”

John Dissed

"General Kranken Haus'"- The Best Pod-Radio drama on the internet!

Cylon Bingo of Canada

"I fucking worship you!"

Angry fan from Canada

"Does this smell like chloroform?"



KrankenKrist of Kanada

“Why close the pen of a dead pig?”

Ze Old Country Proverb

“He who allows another to kick him, deserves to be kicked.”

Ze Old Country Proverb

"I can't believe I died before seeing them in concert."

From beyond the grave

“He was a tough guy, we had to use a whole jar of meat tenderizer, ja.”

Ze Old Country Proverb

"I've never heard anything like this".

Deaf American fan

“The best joy is someone else's misfortune.”

Ze Old Country Proverb