KLIK / Press

““These two KLIK creatures are the most amazing, sexiest, most creative and mysterious critters to adorn a stage, and they know how to rip it up. We made a brilliant record that must be heard! Like nothing else out there!”

Sylvia Massy - Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash, Prince)

“Rolling stone magazine says this dynamic duo is set on taking over the music indstry. Take one look at the ladies of KLIK and you can all ready tell that KLIK is emotional, textured, and not at all afraid to rock. ”

“Klik is the perfect example of a band waiting to PoP. A five-piece ensemble lead by two sexy girls. Combine Klik's entrancing vocals that suck you into a far deeper experience with chilling electric riffs and a solid rhythmic backbone; ”

Luke Wryder - USA4REAL Upstream Radio.