Klaus Kemal Koenig / Press

“Klaus Kemal Koenig is strictly ignoring fanatics ...like me... he never answered any loveletters from me ... (Michael(a) Jackson”

“what the fuck are you doing all day sending playlists all over the damn world of music?”

“Chris and Klaus Kemal on air: from 7. of March on: every Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00 hours at www.radiobhv.de: Snacks on Sunday: Network with Tongue in da Cheek”

“Klaus Kemal Koenig is still on Reverbnation: the Profile of Supporters supporting Supporters: 24 hours at sunshine!”

“...the prophet of a complete new kind of madness?.maybe he´s just pretending to fly!”

“Klaus Kemal Koenig, ein Musiker, der mit seinen Freunden aus dem musikalischen Einheitsbrei glänzend herausragt!!!! (he´s unique, and so are his projects and friends)”

“..das ist doch Musik für psychisch Kranke, halt´mich da raus!”

“well, it´s not his way crawling on his knees to reach someones´ ears!”

"reflexions over crescent City" with Klaus Kemal Koenig and Earritation: starker Toback

“he and Chris Brau, they are the European Continental Glamour Twins”

“he´s young at heart and a real innovator!”

“..my father never was an oldie-fan, but those masterpieces of the early Bremerhaven Rock Scene still makes him hot! He´s still a fan of Rock Cyclus, Deichklang a.o.m. Listens to Sammy´s Blues Jam, M&M, Hagen Allstars...”

“musical dreams of Klaus Kemal? I know about his dreams! He´d like to do something together with his younghood-favorites Stephan Remmler and George B. Miller, that´s true...”

“..he´s 63 years old now, in the 80´s he was about 40, HE´S YOUNGER THAN THAT NOW!”

“...and I am nothing without my friends - doing such beautiful sounds and songs TOGETHER!”

“new ways,crossing borders with tunes, sounds and rhythms...”

“there´s only one Captain Beefheart! Klaus Kemal is an admirer of C.B.”

“Klaus Kemal Koenig - the other voice from the edge of the waters!”