Klaatu / Press

“Of all the thousands of groups that have twisted themselves into pretzels trying to sound like the Beatles, perhaps none succeeded so well as the mysterious Canadian group Klaatu. The group was so successful at it, in fact, that it triggered one of the great Beatles rumors of all time – that the world's biggest band, six years in the dustbin by the year 1976, had quietly slipped a new album into the marketplace under an assumed name.”

“The album's musical and lyrical clues left four possibilities as to whom this mystery band could be: 1. The Beatles. 2. A couple of the Beatles with other people. 3. A Beatle-backed band. 4. A completely unknown but ingenious and talented band. A single by the band was scheduled for release this week. The "A" side is Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft backed with Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III Also, their second album is due out in April. Their first album is hard to find, but may be ordered from record stores. WBRU-FM is the only radio station giving it any airplay so far. Whoever Klaatu is, their album was well worth waiting for. Is it the Beatles? You are welcome to draw your own conclusions - and if "Yesterday" is here, "Let it Be."”

“Klaatu's ongoing refusal to do things anything other than their way could be looked at as a double sword. They rarely compromised their vision of what the music should be, but in turn continually drew the ire of record executives. They'd been criticized for not having a Canadian sound, even though many homegrown artists found their biggest success by broadening their sound. While penning sci-fi epics such as "Calling Occupants" or having a Beach Boy undertone in "California Jam", they made their mark and have gone down in history as one of Canada's most original groups ever.”

"Klaatu is the central character of the 1951 science fiction film The Day The Earth Stood Still, but KIaatu is also the name of a Canadian rock group. "We felt the movie carried a strong message and we identified with the central character. He was an individual who brought a message of intelligence to the people of Earth, in a sense, that's what we've tried to do with our albums," said band member John Woloschuk."