“Woody Lissauer: "I was so glad to hear King Lewman in such a professional hall! It was really a great sound - big, harmonic and expansive with lots of lovely colours from sax, intertwining male and female voices and a very solid core of bass, drums, guitar and piano!"”

"It was such a pleasure to hear your music on Saturday, it is so well-crafted! Full of clever and artful elements and turns ~ i was just very impressed! Great to talk with you as well : ) Sincerely ~woody"

Woody Lissauer - Facebook

"Without hesitation, we here at PEV can honestly say we’ve never featured a band like King Lewman before. They’re different to say the least – a group that doesn’t actively try to avoid labels, but nonetheless only cater to a genre that is all their own. They’re the definition of flexible;

"Terrific original band- “These guys are great! If you love music, and you follow artists because they have a voice and know how to write a memorable melody, then check out this band. They cover a wide range of styles, but there's one consistent great music! Keep an eye on these folks!

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““What a great sound! The lyrics are good, the vocals and harmony blend very pleasantly, and the guitar’s right on, but the thing that gets me about the song, She Gave Me Something, is the groove!"”


““GAWD! Coming Home is beautiful...I'd love to play some keys on that with you sometime... Beautiful tunes!” ”