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“1.Who’s K.I.N.G Kronos? K.I.N.G Kronos is an Emcee from Madison, WI known for his unique brand of human music, conscious thinking and lyrical depth. In addition to being a member of the four man hip-hop crew Synchronized Mindz (Kali Arnell, Proph Bella & Sphinx). He’s done shows throughout the Midwest (WI, MN & IL) increasing his fan base at each stop, with his passionate delivery and commanding voice. He has quickly become one of the brightest and most honest minds in Midwest music.”

“Listening to all the tracks now. Love it. IM really into old school hip hop, rap n roll, and really smart hip hop. Some of the stuff coming out today just doesnt do it for me. I really love the songs you sent. Smart great lyrics, good groove (for me its all about groove and lyrics) Really diggin it man!”

Erotic Jesus from Max Ink Radio - Maximum Ink

“Veteran Madison, Wisconsin lyricist K.I.N.G. Kronos drops this impressive free collection of quality beats and poignant rhymes filled with positive energy which also features appearances from local talent such as D.L.O., Emcee Starr, Blacklight and more – download here.”

“• K.I.N.G. Kronos just dropped his new album, Rings Of Saturn Volume 1: Tangible Metaphysics, and y’all can grab it for free off Bandcamp right now. Kronos’ relaxed flow, plus production from D.L.O. The Iceman, DJ Pain 1, and Man Mantis, make it definitely worth the bandwidth.”

“King Kronos is one of the hardest working emcees I've ever known. Homie has been on the grind since day one. Never let any amount of skill, popularity, or status get to his head. Dope emcee to the core!”

Knowshun - Facebook

“Every newsletter I always rotate a few up & comers that I feel really have the potential to take things to the next level. K.I.N.G Kronos is bringing heat with bangers like "A Lot Going On In The World Today" & "CrateK.I.N.G"! Think real hip hop. Think Del meets Brother Ali meets J5. - http://kingkronos.bandcamp.com/”

“King Kronos I listened to this mans album straight original Hip-hop no bullshit it made me feel good about Hip hop as a art again.”

“WAAAAAAAT!!!! This shyt got my veins pumpin fam!! HIP-HOP BABY!!! I feel like smashin my head threw a bryck wall!!! everything pure fire all guest appearences pure fire!!! 608 ALL MUTHAF--IN DAY!!!! EASTSIDE!!!! bUT UK I LOVE ALL THA CITY AND THE PPL!!!”

MC Mask

“Bars of Supremacy-Okay when you see a title like this it makes you think that this track better deliver.......... K.I.N.G. Kronos just shitted on the track. This track is a must listen.”

“damn Kronos you've got such a smooth melodic flow.. like Devin the Dude with energy lol”

hunkE - Soundcloud

“I love the Brighter Pasture's track especially. I had to download that one quick! Keep working your craft, you have a ton of talent and your words are powerful.”


“Your new music is bang'n. Damn...You Sync Mind niggas aint lost a fuck'n step nigga!!!”

MC Knowshun

“I think Madison's music scene is on it's way....! Well done Tamir Smith and crew..."She Needs Me" is my new ish! ”


“What What!! Someone with great potential inside I'm glad to see is being exercised. I always looked up to you in your gift with putting soul breaking, heart touching depth of words with sincerity and charisma together in a way I've never quite heard like before. We share many of the same struggles, and you've always been able to put words to it all in a way that freed me to understand better the process I'm in. Great people man, I have no doubt that you can and will achieve anything you set out to with flying colors.”