Kimmy B Shade / Press

“Playing Memories If I Knew. Great track. Loving your voice and moodiness of this track. So perfect. Awesome work.”

“Kimmy,. Memories., excellent song love the Vocals. Much success to you. SB”

“Love your music Kimmy!!! Absolutely fabulous!!! I wish you nothing but the best in 2012....Eric Crawley \m/\m/”

“luv your tunes have great day xoxmario”

“Playin' them all Kimmy !!! Wishing you a million fans !!! You ROCK !! ”

“Wow Kimmy, beautiful voice and awesome music!! Wishing you all the best!!”

“I love the sultry feel of Memories; such beauty and masterful musicianship! I love your voice..wow! gotta hear more...Danger Vain”

“Here again for a thorough listen Kimmy; your music is so damn addicting!!! Uber-fine!! Danger Vain”

“Wow! This is something else, thanks for dropping by! Collaboration with Franz paid off, great! Be back here shortly to check ALL your links! C U!”

“..currently listening to I CAN Awsome sound! I'll be coming back in soon to listen to all your songs, but so far this is my favorite. Rock On!”

“..Changes- My favorite song- Great song writing..”


“Kimmy, your song "Awake" is amazing!.Your awesome vocals along with the unique instrumental structure and vibe is outstanding!”

“Can you hear Me - Awesome. Wonderful display of musicianship. Very catchy tune. I like your vibe…. Wish you the best ”

“I like CHANGES you have a great dark voice.Have a nice week. Isa”

“I Have tremendous respect and admiration for Kimmy B Shade's talents as an artist; and for her personally as an individual. She is by every definition of the word "amazing". Everytime I listen to her set , I walk away even more accutely aware of what a special and rare talent she is. She is truly a star !!!”

"Awake" is a great Song...


“I had a listen to " Changes " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, melody, fab voice, lyrics and cool style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!”

“This set is so beautifully written and performed that it calls out to you for days after you've listened !”

“Kimmy am back loving your music...great work....Walk on a Line...nice ....peace Gary”

“Great tracks, brilliant vocals...respect from Mr Pity”

“Playing your tunes to get me through my looooong day at work!! :) Thank u for the music! XX”


“you ROCK KIMMY and the worlds a better place because of your music..(O:”

“Great music! Great voice! Great video! You stole my heart! Sending love from Japan ”

“With a Smile is a great song and shows your versatility!”

“Walk On A Line! Great Stuff! Fantasic! Excellent playing & singing!:-)”

“Awesome vocals and great production. Fantastic...truly entertaining!”

“Very unique! Great work!!”

“..Great energy and emotion on "Walk On A Line"!!”

"Walk On A Line" is only One of your Greats!! Awesome Lyrics, Music, and Vocals..

“Very cool music. Love your vocals. Great stuff.”

“Hi Kimmmy, Your very gifted and original”

“Kim, your musical talent is wonderful!”

“..I really like the sound you have, a nice cross, very unique and executed beautifully!! You are very talented !”

“Awesome song! Im listning to it right now.It's haunting me, lol so I know it's great.Makin my hairs on my arm stand up! Nice"”

"..Great stuff. Really good to find real people doing their own thing and, enjoying it.."

“Your music is really cool and unique! Good luck with it!”

“Hello bless you Kimmy lovely mood and presence great voice. God Bless from London UK ”

“I Feel Your Love...great song...nice beat..love it! ”

“..Thanks for supporting our new radio station with your outstanding song, I Feel Your Love… ”

“...Great music! For your genres of music you do it justice. Excellent sound..”

“..I love "In Your Eyes", the way you used the electronica in that made it hypnotising! Will listen to that one some more, and I would like to hear more of you.! ”

“There's something retro and yet modern about your music and I specially like "Signs Of Danger" - there's almost a late-period Abba wintry but emotional feel to it, which is a good thing!”

“Nice production and vocals”

“very sweet songs, i love your sound, a great listen”

“Great work...!!!!!!! Compliment... Very expressive...!!!!!”

“...Playing and really enjoying your music! I especially enjoyed listening to “Signs of Danger"...”

“What a great tune "I feel your Love" excellent work keep it up, much success!”

“Great sound! I love the mix of influences...”

“Enjoyed watching your promo video..great tune!! You've Got a new fan here.”

“This is another great song! The background has elements of the Pet Shop Boys song "Love Comes Quickly". Very well done!”

“Great stuff! Peace and blessings, eric”

“Checking out "I Feel Your Love." Great Voice. Strong Song & Smooth Intimate Style. Paul, your fan from Future Now. http://www.imradio.com/futurenow ”

“...Sounds great there!!!..thanks for being Fans and Friends!!! ”

“Good voice !! I hope for you success !!!”

“Great tunes and sound! ”

“Just watched you video...great vid production. The music is very professional. ”

“Lovely mood and presence great voice. God Bless from London UK”

“Wonderful song! Beautiful sounds and melodies! Excellent voices and performances! Congratulations! Wish you all the best!”

“This is a great song! Love the sound! ”

“Stopping by to say hello...and thank you!:) So great to meet you here...glad to be a friend and fan. Enjoying the song very much.”