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“Perhaps it's better to call her a "Songwriter-Singer" than the other way around. Her songs have always come first, and everything else stems from that creative process.”

Phil Sweetland - NYT Contributor

“Moods and tempos are well varied from the beaty opening track, Ain’t No Glory, Beautiful Goodbye and Cracks In The Concrete, another co-write with Lisa Brokop, to the slower, contemplative Born To Be Happy, Rapunzel, All We Ever Find and China. RAPUNZEL’S ESCAPE is one of those rather unexpected albums which grow on you with each successive airing.”

Laura Bethell - Maverick

“McLean is nothing short of remarkable as she easily moves from blues to rock to Appalachian folk to pop and beyond. She refers to her sound as Appalachi-Groove, where mountain footpaths meet Beale Street.”

Randy Moomaw - The Healing Power of Music

“The album validates the term singer-songwriter. Kim has written or co-written every single song on this album. There’s a writer’s ownership over both songs- each one feels personal and emotional. Kim is a storyline-singer and it’s when she’s sharing life’s experiences with us is when she’s at her best. The instrumentation is very rich with rocking guitar uptempos like “Ain’t No Glory On The Ground” yet she can bring home a great waltz like “China””

That Nashville Sound

“Kin McLean is a talented singer and songwriter. Her ability to cover so much ground musically without ever sounding out of place is a true gift. McLean doesn’t so much bend herself to each style she plays; rather she makes each style and sound her own with a signature flair. There’s a bit of Bonnie Raitt in McLean, but with a wider musical range. Rapunzel’s Escape is destined to be featured on several year-end “Best Of” lists.”


“Kim McLean hits it out of the park with a crack of the bat from the very first note!”

Power Source Magazine

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