kim lamothe / Press

"Like contemporaries Ani DiFranco and Regina Spektor, she can brighten the room while breaking your heart. Viburnum is a 2010 must-have, hands-down one of the year's best local releases." -Chris Conti

Chris Conti - Providence Phoenix

"Fascinating vocal delivery from Lamothe... Zeroing in now on Lamothe’s vocal style - rather unique & fluid in its overall flow & ebb delivery. It goes down smooth but has a classic raspy jagged edge, reminiscent of such singers Bonnie Rait, Wynona Judd, Melissa Etheredge with even a dash of Janis Joplin." -Cyrus Rhodes

Cyrus Rhodes - The muse's muse

"Lamothe's organic approach to this semi-autobiographical tale matches perfectly: like the title flower, it unfolds, breathes. Here she ably straddles the line between art and uncomfortable truth." (about Mystery of Viburnum)