Kickstarter / Press

"Kickstarter produced a high octane performance... [with an] endearing, offbeat, visual approach which won the audience over almost immediately, hooking them into the music. Rap can almost become clichéd and overworked but songs such as Construct City, Fight Back and Drop Zone with powerful and tightly bound lyrics ensured that the focus was always on the stage. But this was no one man show. The band echoed and reflected energies of their own through insistent beats and tunes."

"Four piece rock band Kickstarter put on a high-energy performance, making some really great sounds. Combing rock/metal and hip-hop rhythms into an intoxicating cocktail of musical delights, the lead singer (Laurence Ayeni) did some acrobatic moves on stage to back his fast-paced rap vocals and the drummer (Eliot Curtis) won a gold medal for his efforts on the skins. Good team work from the whole band and a delightfully fresh and different style of music make their appearance the highlight of the night. Exhilarating."