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“Stevie's music is both delicious and passionate, making me feel that I am being treated to a buffet of sound. While she clearly is influenced by Kate Bush’s rich, theatrical style and sensuality, Stevie isn’t afraid to go out on a limb with different styles, whether they be gothic, folk, dance, or jazz. Her lyrics range from mythological to earthy. While she's skilled with electronica, her forté is her voice, which has shades of Kate Bush, Kate McGarrigle, and Joan Baez. Besides this, Stevie uses keys and synths to create whatever mood suits her, from the echoing, revolving world of “Zero Gravity” to the gothic, moody landscape of “Corridor Blue.” Her lyrics are very effective in creating the ambience of each song and have great flow.”

Linda Freemen - TIW Music

“From swirling remix magic to pristine production. Khamsina is a songwriter, producer and vocalist all rolled into one incredibly talented being. Whilst studying classics at University, the songwriter has been busy penning and producing her own brand of pop, tinged with electronics and elements of Jazz. Intricate piano improvisation and jubilant synth horns are all impressive but it’s the powerful vocals that really shine on ‘In Love’.”

“Khamsina, I think we are witnessing and hearing a new creative talent, part Kate Bush and part Siouxsie Sioux.”

“[Khamsina’s] friends know her as Stevie. Her fans know her as Khamsina. This talented student found time to write, record, produce and release her debut album, Dreaming Ivy, while in the first year of her Classics degree at Royal Holloway, University of London. And most recently she has been working on the soundtrack to a Gothic film. The conceptual album The Conductor, released on iTunes on 29th February, is the spectacular result. So what inspires her song writing? “Classics is one of the biggest inspirations,” she says. “I like songs that tell a story, have a meaning.” And, despite all the hype surrounding her music, she has no plans to make it a career before she has finished her Classics degree. Until then, it will just be what she describes as “a relaxing pastime.””

“Singer’s dreams become album THIS week sees the release of the debut album Dreaming Ivy from Oxfordshire singer-songwriter Khamsina. Khamsina is 18-year-old... former winner at the Henley Youth Festival and currently a Classics undergraduate at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has produced an album consisting of thirteen tracks. Her sound has been compared to Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush. The album is a journey of introspection and self-discovery illuminated by mystical and mythological worlds and includes tracks such as Nevermore and Lavender and Bees. For more information and to download the album visit www.khamsina.com”

“Stop the Traffik charity single out now, all profits go to the charity, more details here http://khamsina.blogspot.com/2011/09/stop-traffik-charity-single.html”