Khalid Quesada / Press

“Khalid Quesada is a talented songwriter from the area. He writes songs that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and remain there for quite a while... Khalid Quesada is a performance you won’t want to miss.”

“Khalid has a fantastic indie powerpop sound that is apparently establishing a strong presence in... Philly. As a frequent live performer with a unique and interesting sound, Khalid may have what it takes to become one of the prominent emerging talents in the world of indie alternative rock.”

“Khalid Quesada... writes punk-pop songs and pairs them with an unbelievably good sense of melody and melancholy... [His] sound is steeped in history, but it’s also inherently timeless. There’s a charming, chart inspired undercurrent to this underground musician’s sound that could see him propel to the mainstream.”

“Khalid is a very talented singer and songwriter that may have just struck music industry gold with his recent release Radio Silence. From the instrumentation to the melody, Mr Quesada is a breath of fresh air. The wordplay is above the rest by far and if we broke down each individual element of the track, most would agree, Radio Silence is Golden! The man is the past, future and present of music if you ask me.”

“The jaunty piano of the first forty seconds of Khalid’s 60s-loving indie pop song “Radio Silence” are cute, but threaten to push into “too on the nose” territory. But then, the crisp, overdriven guitars and garage rock drums kick in, giving the song’s hook way more oomph, and the sound some much needed grit. The retro vibe on “Radio Silence” is still palpable, but the music’s strong enough on its own to sound like a nod to the past, not an imitation of it.”

“This is an upbeat piece of melodic guitar pop - nice vocal harmonies and some good guitar riffs. Khalid Quesada is a Philadelphia-based artist who bears some similarities to the catchy guitar pop of artists like Cheap Trick, Monkees or the poppier stuff from Elliott Smith.”

“New Jersey's Khalid Quesada is a singer-songwriter ... who has a way with a pop hook, and he demonstrates that clearly on his debut EP. Coming in somewhere between ... Elliott Smith and Rivers Cuomo, Quesada is equally at home with both the power pop ("Radio Silence", "Proverbial Knives") and more introspective numbers ("Angel in the Dark", "World Without"). It's all melodic, and has me looking forward to his full-length debut promised for later this year.”