Kaoz / Press

"...Make no mistake, Kevin "Kaoz" Moore knows what he is doing and more importantly what he's here to do: Make a difference and make great music."

"Not everything or everyone in Minneapolis is cold. In fact, the rapper/spoken word artist Kevin "Kaoz" Moore is quite hot..."

"Kevin Kaoz Moore is just the right dose of medicine Hip Hop needs to be cured. His lyrical artistry is phenomenal and breath taking. With a clever mix of dope beats, thought provoking and in your face lyrics, Kaoz’s music is like candy to the eardrum."

“It is good to hear old school style sprinkled and seasoned with individuality! Articulate and intelligent speaking about things other than 'hoes' and 'bitches'”

"Kaoz embodies the poet/lyricist's soul, and the heart of a warrior. Dangerous!"

Anthony Glassman - The Gay People's Chronicle

““Spoken word artist-rapper Kevin Moore is a beam of light on any scene he has conquered, leaving a path of lyrical destruction from Cleveland to Minneapolis. And his “The Intervention” project is poised to stretch that reach far and beyond.” ”

Kevin C. Johnson, Entertainment - St. Louis Post-Dispatch