Kes The Band / Press

“The phenomenal Caribbean group, Kes the band, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago headlined the major concert, aptly titled, KES ALL IN. Not only did they just headline; in a move rarely seen, the band kicked off the performances, opting to welcome their fans instead of the crescendo effect of opening acts.”

“Kees: Bigger, better, crazier, sexier”

"Standing on stage with Kes the Band, and watching women scream as Lead Singer Kees performs is a scene played out over and over again in country after country"

“Kes the Band raises the energy level Published: Sat, 2011-04-30 21:30 Kes Dieffenthaler strikes a familiar pose as he dances on stage with one of his back-up dancers during his performance at the jazz fest. PHOTO: ABRAHAM DIAZ Exactly at 10 pm Kes the Band raised the energy level at World Music Night with a dynamic performance that brought patrons to their feet and kept them there throughout the session at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park. The event, one of the premiere events of the Tobago Jazz Experience...." They wanted some “wotlessness” and Kes the Band provided just that with a range of genres that included pop rock, R&B and soca. He opened and closed with Wotless, sang Thunder, Lion, which he described as the song that gave him his bread, Loving You, Come Gyal, Ah Thing and Let me Know from his new album Stereotype, which will be released next month. ....."”

“Kees is riding a wave of success.. This rising star has made my life miserable, because I can’t choose a favourite song. I like all. It’s challenging when a soca star album is so filled with variety and class that it makes my job difficult. Of course the album gets full marks for presentation. It’s really beautiful and impressive. Lee Aleong please take a bow! Photographer Laura Ferreira also take a bow! You guys are H-O-T! Holy Moses! This CD is a knockout! Thirteen songs come tumbling at you with machine gun rapidity. You don’t have a chance to think about the next wine. Songwriting skill of Kes, Nadia, Klase Gonsalves, Kerwin Dubois align in perfect harmony; as well as John Michael Alibocas (Makamillion) who come on the song Cock It Back. Of course there are people in the background of this successful group, Madmen Productions, Precision Productions and Question Mark Entertainment. Go out and buy this CD, it’s a steal! Bless.”

“THE SCENE was one straight out of a movie — adoring, screaming fans, determined to capitalise on any vantage point, even if it meant tight standing room only, to see two of their favourite artistes — Kes The Band led by Kees Dieffenthaller and young Jamaican singing star, Tessanne Chin.”

“Kes, a very hot Soca group already popular throughout the Caribbean for their style of fun party music mixed a very Caribbean flare, made an easy choice to compliment the regatta party line up.”

“The band has been having a bumper C2K9 season playing at major fetes across the country. For Dieffenthaller, his new CD is a reflection of his journey thus far and he was overjoyed that so many people turned out to show their support”

“Kes the Band is ready to take on the world.”