Ken Buono / Press

“Those who follow the Philly rock scene closely know that Buono's long résumé..Flight of Mavis, Buzz Zeemer, Dragstrip Courage, Trolleyvox and Grand. And a name that he can be proud to add to that list is the Tell Alls, whose debut album, Feeding Frenzy, illustrates Buono's strong power pop instincts. Buono produced this 2004/2005 recording with Adam Lasus..helped the album sound good, but ultimately, there is no question that Feeding Frenzy is very much Buono's baby. In addition to playing drums and providing the lead vocals, he wrote all of the material, and much of that material underscores the fact that quality power pop...Buono approaches power pop from a jangly indie pop perspective, bringing plenty of infectiousness to rockers like "Can't Forget" and "Start a Commotion" as well as something more reflective such as the Tom Petty-ish "Through a Veil."... many of the tracks are excellent..reminds us that Buono is a valuable part of the Philadelphia indie rock scene.”

“When The Tell Alls‘ Ken Buono first released his Bright Lights Of Christmas EP back in 2008—before he left Philadelphia for Nashville, TN—it probably didn’t occur to him that the snow-centered lyrics to the album’s title track would be just as applicable to Music City as it was to The City Of Brotherly Love. But here we are, in December of 2010—and, while Philly is enjoying a mild 37-degree morning with a few flakes of snow, Nashville is already covered in more than half a foot of it (with more on the way). That’s probably great news for all the “kids playing in the snow” Buono sings about in “Bright Lights Of Christmas,” but not such great news to anyone dealing with the numerous flight cancellations and road closures currently plaguing his new hometown. On the plus side, at least Buono’s given the city of Nashville a pleasantly carefree holiday song to listen to while stuck in traffic all morning.”

“The Tell Alls is essentially a new solo endeavor for Philly music veteran Ken Buono, a drummer and multi-instrumentalist who started back in the late 80’s with jangle pop trio Flight of Mavis...Teaming up with producer Adam Lasus (Juliana Hatfield, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), Buono has crafted a lush, chiming pop record filled to the brim with all the requisite ingredients for classic pop: bright, strummy guitars, solid straight-forward rhythms, and of course, the ever-important musical hook. His raspy, slightly-strained tenor, which bears a striking resemblance to Scott Sax (Wanderlust, Feel) and Mike Mazzarella of the Rooks, carries the music in an uncomplicated fashion through all ten of the album’s tracks. Buono even roughs up the pop edge a bit with the rollicking, Tommy Keene-inspired “Can’t Forget" and the funky experimentalism of “The BIG Time" All in all, Feeding Frenzy is a solid pop album and a very promising debut.”