Kelly Jones / Press

“As soon as the first song breaks from a short intro, I was hooked. This album seems to hit all the right notes at the right time for the right reasons. It fits so well. You can’t help but fall in love with Kelly Jones and her fantastic album.”

“To any of you who have, at one time or another, professed a great love of albums from Sam Phillips, Kirsty MacColl, Amy Rigby, Aimme Mann or Marti Jones (all of whom I dig, for the record), I hereby decree that “SheBANG!” tops any album you may want to parade out from these artists.”

“The album clocks in at just under 28 minutes and all ten songs are fantastic. So catchy and melodic as if early eighties Marshall Crenshaw and The Bangles decided to work together. "SheBANG!" will most likely be one of our most played albums on the air this year.”

Michael McCartney - “The Time Machine” KEAO / KONI / KPMW / KTOH

“Kelly's vocals are both fresh and forceful, as she glides through these songs effortlessly.”

“Without a doubt, Kelly Jones' SheBANG! is my pick for Album of the Year. These well-crafted songs are full of catchy melodies, and each will stick with you making you play this record over and over again. Pure pop bliss!”