KEHV / Press

“My Music tells the story of my journey; I’d share that with the world. Kehv”

“My inspiration has always been life and love. The expressions of these things I see through people, myself, and situations. That is a reason I love to travel and meet new folks, see new things. It all comes back out of me in the form of music—word power and sound. Kehv”

“Kehv "The Prince of Reggae Soul" opened the show with a strong set. His original style and relevant lyrics are making him a featured artist on concerts these days. The backup singers and band did a fantastic job and his humble but energetic stage presence entertained the audience ”

“9Mile Music Festival March 3rd, 2012 Kehv definitely set the bar high! His blend of smooth vocals strong percussionists and acoustic guitar will definitely have new fans seeking out his music.”

“Hailing from the same spot as the original Buffalo Soldier (i.e. Bob Marley) and now crooning out of Fort Lauderdale, Kehv is the self-described "Prince of Reggae Soul" whose wide-ranging catalog includes tunes like "Love Slave," "Distant Lover," and "Real Love." His number one influence: "GOD."”

“How does it feel to be compared to such great artists as Maxi Priest and Beres Hammond? "I could only be humbled by such a comparison. These artist have done what I'm in the process of doing and still today taking it to higher heights. I do however, strive to make the essence I bring to the music felt enough to stand apart from those I might be compared to".”

"I am in the studio now working on new music for my next project of which a single should be released later on this year," said Kehv. "This CD will lean more to the sensual, romantic side of the human experience."

"A song is not for you it’s for the people"... Kehv

"the beauty about making music because each song tells its own story..." Kehv

“Kehv, Ky-Mani wrap up Brazil tour ”

“Kehv wraps Brazillian tour with Ky-Mani Marley ”

“'Simply Kehv', a return to reggae ”


“A free spirit who goes with the flow, Kehv will take what ever positive opportunity arises to share his music.”

“Kehv related his life experiences through his music and was able to connect with the audience...”