KatieBeth / Press

“Being influenced by artists like the great Michael Jackson, and Garth Brooks, KatieBeth has a such a unique powerful sound. KatieBeth describes her style as if P!NK went country, which couldn't be more spot on. She keeps her twang going strong, but has that glowing stage presence that you can't turn away, or sit down. KatieBeth's determination and passion for the music industry is inspiring. The music business a tough one, and the negative critiques and nd the let downs have motivated KatieBeth even more. She feels she was put on this earth to be that person to show you that it is possible. She goes up on that stage to show people that may not have that extra fire inside, that dreams do come true, if you stay true to yourself. Her success and positive attitude just radiates that statement. Put on those dancing boots, and get ready for a night of fun and go see KatieBeth this year. Her confident, never going to give up attitude, is highly apparent and contagious while she's rocking.”

“Friday 3 p.m. - Pridefest Pump Pavilion Country rock is what Katie Beth performs. “If people can take a ½ hour out of their day to relax and forget aboutthe rest of the world, that’s what I hope people will do when they hear me play.” When KatieBeth’s not on stage, she’s busy with causes that are close to her heart. During the May flooding in the Nashville area, Katie boarded a plane and volunteered her time to assist the American Red Cross relief effort, in the devastated area. After 24 years, KatieBeth still gives credit to those who have helped her get to where she’s at today. “My family and close friends have always been supportive of everything I do and try to accomplish. I’m so thankful. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am.” ”

Dustin Alexander - Milwaukee Examiner

“With a voice born in rock and roll and stained by whiskey, Breaking From the Shadows is an aptly titled first effort for the Milwaukee-based KatieBeth. the album opens with the bluesy, swirly, hip swinger “I Will Survive” that’s based on a guitar hook very reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” The album slides along without much fanfare for a bit, but the highlights are definitely in the middle. “Can We Go Back” showcases the softer side of Katie with light, vulnerable vocals. The songwriting is solid as is the musicianship. It’s an independent album and there’s no mistaking that.”

Irene Fitzgerald - American Country Magazine