Kathy Dare and the Bad Luck Charms / Press

"When she's bopping around in high gear, dwarfed behind her guitar, [her] gigs often become so buoyant that taking a Dramamine wouldn't be a bad idea."

Regan Kelly - Creative Loafing

"'In high school every body thought I was the weird girl who played guitar in the bus plaza,' said Dare in an interveiw with Atlanta's 99x DJ Steve Craig. 'I just got tired of singing to myself.'"

Living Room Records - from The Inklings press kit

"...with a voice as pretty as hers, well, you won't need the double espresso to keep you awake."

Gregory Nicoll - Creative Loafing

"'I write boy-girl love songs,' confess Kathy. 'Songs about myself.' There is even a quote in print somewhere, where all the guys [in the band] say they wait until she gets dumped to get serious- because that's when they know she is going to write something good."

Forrest Wimberly - Carnival of Noise

"Vocalist Kathy Dare not only has a good clear voice - she's well aware of her range (wide but not exceptionally so) and she sticks to it. Keeping her voice smooth and girlishly likeable."

Ian Koss - Ink Nineteen