KC and Hao Pengyou (KC & EOF) / Press

“KC performing on live TV in Hunan, China for Super Girl Contest over 85,000,000 viewers (China's equivalent to "American Idol"). KC also worked as vocal coach for both the Winner (in the video) as well as the runner up.”

“One of the best things about Kelly Clinton’s Open Mic Cabaret is the love sent out by the artists via their music to audience ---and, to one another. The terrific singer/musician, Kc Cousin invited other performers to join him on stage as he played the piano and sang “Help From My Friends.” The band and guest guitarist Tony Drake joined in along with Genevieve Dew, Lisa Gaye and Kelly Clinton on vocals. Kc and friends gave a fantastic show!!!! Kc Cousin is from Youngstown, Ohio. He lived in China for two years and now makes his home in Las Vegas.”