Kalob Griffin Band / Press

"If you’re a fan of Whiskeytown, Deer Tick, or Justin Jones, it would behoove you to check out the Kalob Griffin Band."

"It is a pleasure on working with The Kalob Griffin Band. The band brings professionalism along with a smoking hot music product that any venue would desire to have. Kalob has a unique vocal styling that crosses bluegrass & folk with a cutting edge indie vibe. Great Songs, musicianship and man do they get the crowd going. The KGB is a regular must booking for me at Legendary Dobbs and Dewey Beach Festivals”

Jim Thorpe, Legendary Dobbs/Dewey Beach Music Festivals

"The Kalob Griffin Band introduces a unique roots-based sound that blends elements of folk, blues and rock. The varied blends of instrumentation from song to song keeps their presentation fresh and interesting.”

Pennsylvania Music Magazine

“The Kalob Griffin Band sings folk songs about losing in love, drinking whiskey and 19th-century floods. Not your cup of tea? Given that the group spent a weekend hanging with Jack Johnson and Damien Marley at Denver’s Mile High Festival, they must be doing something right. ”

Dan Kunz - Centre Daily Times

"The songs are enjoyable forays into western music, well-crafted instrumentals swinging behind Kalob Griffin’s distinctive twangy vocals."

Chris Redman - WPSU Music Blog