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“Delete Digital Drama - "Girls set out to end bullying in there own lives, but their actions are helping girls everywhere stand up for themselves"...."To deal, I put my feelings in a song called 'Who Do U Think U R?' Instead of feeling like a victim...”

“Best-of lists are, as we know, surprising and subjective and designed to infuriate. Why her? Why not him? How could you leave off (insert name of obscure band here). The truth is, no one will ever be happy. That's why we've turned over duties to the artists themselves." Read more: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/The-music-that-moved-the-musicians-in-2012-4146828.php#ixzz2GwnjdnUQ ”

"Kaitlyn K wrote "Who Do You Think You Are" as a rallying cry for anyone who's been bullied: black, white, gay, straight, fat, skinny. But the song was born from very personal, painful experiences."

"Kaitlyn K is a teen from Houston, Texas, who is making a difference in her community. She decided that it was time to take a stand in ending bullying. "

" Katy Perry-like original song, “Who Do U Think U R?,” written and performed by fellow classmate, Kaitlyn K."

"I think that the song and music video Who Do U Think U R? by Kaitlyn K is a positive form of activism to combat the issue of bullying."

"It's pure teen pop, indistinguishable from the music my daughter devours."

"A lip dub music video features more than 1,000 Cy Ranch students standing up to bullying to the tune, "Who Do U Think U R?." The song, written by Cy Ranch sophomore and local singer/songwriter Kaitlyn K, is not only meant to be an anthem for bullied youth, but it also serves to cut down on bullying through peer pressure."

"October is National Anti-Bullying Month, and up-and-coming singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Knippers, aka Kaitlyn K, is raising awareness through the power of song...."

"Such true-to-life songs as “Who Am I Kidding?” are one way in which Kaitlyn reveals her personal experiences dealing with the vulnerability that so often defines adolescence"

“Kaitlyn's debut EP titled 'Just Me' is a collaboration of songs portraying the true thoughts of a teenager. For more information check out www.KaitlynK.com.”

“We got an awesome opportunity to ask a few questions to the most adorable singer. Her name is Kaitlyn Knippers and she is definitely someone to look out for. With a fun and melodic voice, her songs instantly get stuck in your head. We have found ourselves humming her tunes throughout the day. So we give you an inside look at Kaitlyn Knippers…”

“For those aspiring teen singers lacking in celebrity parents or contracts with Disney, reliance on pure vocal talent might just be the key to success. Kaitlyn Knippers, a 14-year-old Cypress resident, has her earned her way onto the stage and into the recording room relying on her trademark “big” voice.”

“Kaitlyn Knippers is another talented singer/song writer/multi instrumentalist/world beater who can do just about anything that you ask of her musically, so long as you aren't asking her to drive to her own concert. She's been on TV, in the papers and performed live at a countless number of places (most nostalgically, Six Flags Fiesta Texas).”

"First-timer, Kaitlyn Knippers brought her music and stunned everyone with a voice that must be heard. Make a note of the name. She’s twelve years old people! Look out Martina, Kaitlyn is coming."

"Kaitlyn Knippers was another story. The ten-year-old Cypress resident is one of those tiny kids with a scarily huge voice who sings pop tracks ..Knippers, your next American Idol"

"Twelve-year-old Kaitlyn Knippers of Cypress won the Colgate Country Showdown, sponsored by KNAF-AM, KNAF-FM...She now advances to the next level of competition that will be held this weekend as part of the Kendall County Fair in Boerne."

"Kaitlin Knippers, she's a young gifted singing star in the making"

“Kaitlyn's original song video "I'll Love You" chosen to be display on Oprah's website”