J. Whitman / Press

“Potent energy in 'Engage'”

"Engage" boasts some smooth automation and thick, pounding drums that lay down a pumping groove. Boom!

“I have known Jeremiah for approximately 4 years, and during this time, Jeremiah has always been the utmost professional in the music field. Jeremiah is an amazing composer and musician. I highly recommend Jeremiah for any musical project or position using only my contact with him and conversation, as well as viewing and hearing his works. I would suggest him in a variety of positions.”

“Nice electronic rock sound on your songs.”

“Like the rock flair in there...”

“Outstanding music and very enjoyable to listen to.”

"Ancient City Beat" is solid. I am digging the vox production on these tracks.

"Pretty Little Liar" has crunchy synth patterns that rumble on while a catchy chorus soars over them. Infectious!

“Diggin' the track, feel like I can hear the Crystal influence pretty strong here....in a good way! Sounds like something that coulda been on Legion of Boom....”

"Perception" rocks, dude... had to hear that again.

“Jeremiah Whitman, the volunteer DJ who often sings and performs on Wednesday afternoons, was a Pierce student from 2004-2006 and has been running the karaoke events for about three years. "It's become very important to a lot of the regulars here, they look forward to it every week," said Whitman.”

“Jeremiah has shown me to be an amazing talent when it comes to song composing. He also sings and does many, many shows in regards to his work and talents! I totally give this dude a 2 thumbs up!!!”

“Nice hard driving breakbeat with fun guitar stabs.”

“Different and interesting, yet very cool and retro tech.... wild and bizarre, yet great!”

“Nice mix of styles, not very common, I love the songs, maybe a little too much singing for use as ambient music, cool for the rest.”

"Bring the Pain" does what it claims to do! Superb groove!

"Attempting Suicide" is, for me, one of the best songs you have produced so far! That kick is perfectly mixed, as are the strong guitar and synth sounds. Engaging and awesome!

"Attempting Suicide" - Another great sound track man! Like the strong production here... great job!

“I like the song. Great driving beat, and the melody is pretty catchy.”

“Dark electro element & vibe, totally loving it here!”

“Very good - keep it up! Good work!”

“Good music here.”

"Perception" has a really cool sound, man... most enjoyed... great work!

“Very original compositions with a great addictive quality....”

“Great tracks, mate... would sound awesome in a live show.”

“The song is a very well done one! I love the technique that is also used for vocals by the Eagles in their piece off the Hotel California album "Life in the Fast Lane". Very cool!”

“Enjoyed "Back in the Game" with Victory - excellent collaborative work!”

“This has an almost David Bowie feel about it.... this is one of my favs from this album.”

“Good beat and great use of words. I like the fact you don't have to use a ton of curses to get your song across.”

"Late Night Joy Ride" is cool.

“Nice flow to this song. I always love when the music is original, too. Nice mix.”

“The beat is moving and original, and the lyrics are sick as hell too, man. Love it.”

“I just wanted to drop a note and say for a type of music I don't personally listen to much, I throughly enjoyed your track "Back in the Game". The whole combination of music, rhythm and lyrics just bring the whole track together. I'm looking forward to more.”

"Doom (Remixed" is both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly new--it draws melodies from the classic Doom game and repackages them in the unique J. Whitman style. The lead guitar rendition of the famous riff is particularly engaging. Mind expanding!

“I love "Violence & Justice" !”

“Very slick. It has an uptown funk feel... The echoed vocals work well.”

“Hi Jeremiah, just been listening to your latest uploads. The dark electronica and guitar sounds work a treat, well written and thought out.”

“Very slick and polished... good foreboding atmosphere... 86... reminds me of Massive Attack mood-wise.”

“I've never heard this song before, but I can tell where some of your touches are. All in all it sounds very polished and well produced.”

“Awesome, AWESOME! remix of "Pachebel's Canon in D".”

“I REALLY like METRO!!!!!!!”

“Jeremiah said we should check u out and r we glad we did! Big shout out from St. Louis! You got new FANS!”

“Kraftwerk meets The Chemical Brothers; talented!”


“Awesome music you have here, man!”

“Love the intro.. the change is awesome.. love the guitar.. nice atmospheric build up.. nice track.”

“I love "Fragmented." That bassline is deep and almost soothing. I love when the percussion intensifies and takes the song up a notch. Really great job!”

“I dig the NIN remix.... keep up the good work, and I'll definitely keep listening.”

“Nice! Not as upbeat as I thought it would be, but it's still good!”

“Your tunes bowled me over, what talent!”

“Your "Canon" remix is a really fun cover! I love how you blend classical, rock and electronica into a really invigorating and fresh new take on an old masterpiece. Stunning!”

“I love those opening strings, and the beat that follows is really intricate, melodic, and strongly tied together with its percussion; that's one hard-hitting kick!”

“The cream of the crop rising to the top....”

“I perused your tracks... I especially like "Stereotypical"...”

"Revolution Rising" has a really interesting, multi-genre, multi-leveled sound, and seems aptly titled.

“I also like the blend of electronica and rock influences in "Stereotypical".”

“I love the string arrangements in "Down the Path to Destruction".”

“I was just checkin' out your stuff... very cool!”

“Keep kicking ass with your music. Sounds good.”

“If anyone is interested in a good d.j., or tech guy, or someone who will give you a demo that sounds pretty damn good, check this guy out. Hit up our band page blog. :)”

“We would also like to take time aside to give our thanks to a good friend and engineer. Without his help, the demo you see before you would not have been possible. So thanks, J.!”

“Amazing work, man. I'm happy that we can ride the same waves of feelings with our own unique styles. Our songs make great accompaniments to each other.”

“You've got some really interesting tracks here.... Keep up the great work!”


“I just heard "Get Better", good shit, man; keep it up. I found myself drawn in by the whole package.”

“I thought you were a cool guy and a great singer. You've more than met my expectations: you've SURPASSED them.”

“I like your tunage. It's good stuff, man.”

“It had a good beat and I could dance to it... Seriously though, nicely done. ”