Justine Wilde / Press

“You are incredible! One of the most amazing woman's voices I've ever heard!!”

Madam Raccoon - ReverbNation

“The music is passionate and primal. It moves you. And Justine is one of the most prolific lyricists of our time. Scorching the land with her tongue twist fire! You are great boss!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“The Sounds of heavy industrial rock invades and cuts to the core intense is the word these guys do not lack any passion or ambition. Every vibe has epic riffing impassioned vocals and lyrics which take no prisoner in their musical attack. ... Kittykat”

Kat Speel - ReverbNation

“the most innovative and intellectually compelling rock music to coming out of New York today”

Etherati - ReverbNation

“Avant gardé Rock like fellow New Yorkers Velvet Underground & more recently PiL”

Android Jellybabies - ReverbNation

“I love your sludgy, menacing sound. It's imposing and extremely unique. "Strange Girl On Fire" sizzles and burns (no pun intended) as you yell to be heard over the dense layers of fuzz. There's authentic emotion there. Your music has a Marianne Faithfull-meets Bauhaus quality that I really enjoy. Really nicely done!”

The Slums Of Mediocrity - ReverbNation

“Avant gardé Rock electronika - from the more melodic 'lil girl wrong with its soulful rock guitar - to the pure dirty sound of 'strange girl...'”

Android Jellybabies - ReverbNation

“Strange Girl on Fire Tonight is real cool!”

Laytem - ReverbNation

“Playing Lil Girl Wrong...Justine Rocks...loving it. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“'Strange Girl' -- cool track, trademark Justine sound”

Android Jellybabies - ReverbNation

“I love Lil Girl Wrong.”

Stiff Spirit - ReverbNation

“Absolutely blown away by Rhino. Rich sonic canvas with an epic riff but you've gotta wait for it. Hell of a piece of music, lady.”

Etherati - ReverbNation

“that amazing vocal and intense, grinding vibe of "rhino" always keeps me coming back for more. having a great morning diving deep into your playlist!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“wow, loving being back Justine! All that talk of Chevys and highways and inside of love's burning light..it's like you're channelling Springsteen and Meatloaf for "You Should Not Have Come Here"..what a killer vocal, and I'm thrilled to be visiting again to enjoy the rest of your superb playlist!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Love the intensity and raw power of "Vertigo". Best wishes!”

Victor Snow - ReverbNation

“Caught the Gonnabe Like video this AM. Just love that NYC talent. Justine has an incredible edge. Listen to her stuff. She's showing you how its done. Great stuff Justine.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“I just love that dynamic that is setup from running gentle, sparkling fender rhodes grooves against the growing, growling, endless delay-effected vocals on "takin the fall"..genuinely dramatic tension in your music. Love it!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“just swinging by for a taste of the acidic hammer-to-the-face I've come to know and love as the music of Justine Wilde.”

Etherati - ReverbNation

“Playing Kiss My Mind. Great song Justine. You have killer talent and some great music going on here”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“Kickin ass on 5-Gun Brain..one of my favourite Wilde tunes! Have a rockin good Wednesday Justine!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Stopping in to check out Justine's very intense music. Not for the light hearted and she wouldnt have it any other way. Playing Atrophy. Some fine work. Listen up world. The goods are right here.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“Wicked awesome tracks! Bound is fantastic work! So trippy and trans-like. Takin the fall is up next. ~OP”

Ophelia's Pain   - ReverbNation

“Bound' is a great track with its 'hypnotic synth backline layered over by Justine's powerful vocal and provocative lyrics.”

Android Jellybabies - ReverbNation

“Glad to be back my friend..really diggin that big swirl of slow building synths and that very cool "crucified i been hung and tied" vocal hook you build throughout on "bound"...it's such a great use of vocal distortions on that song..loving it!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Interesting double meaning in Bound.”

Jael   - ReverbNation

“I was tied up last night, but you knew I was BOUND to stop by sooner or later ... I love it !!!!”

The Altruistic Messiah™ ~ Ben Vandagriff - ReverbNation

“To The Bone - you passed the audition, Justine :-) maybe me”

Maybe - ReverbNation

“To The Bone is happening ... Huge sound!!! Mike White pointed me this way through fb - Glad he did as well...;-))”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation

“What a ass kicking voice ! ROGET”

ROGET - ReverbNation

“Hey Justine, Playing Sinematica. Love to see and hear your great work. Youre what makes NYC so great. Rock on.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

"16 million times" most original listen ~ swe-eet

pinksideofthemoon - ReverbNation

“Big fan today of "16 Million Times (Pretty-Belle)." It's a really beautiful blues and yet there is a Hendrix-esque vibe flowing throughout it. Really nice work on the vocals as always. This track shows your less visceral side quite well. It has a classic/timeless vibe.”

The Slums Of Mediocrity - ReverbNation

“Hi, Justine wilde!! awesome ""16 MILLION TIMES"" Greetings DJ Antonio”

DJ Antonio - ReverbNation

"you left me (just when i needed you most)" very haunting & disturbing. awesome track. without any question of doubt, you are the most original band i have ever heard!!

Todd C. Stone - ReverbNation

"7th Millenium" is really funky. It reminds me of dirty-sounding answer to Blondie. You actually have a Deborah Harry vibe on there, even it brings to mind a late-night blues club after hours. I like the spoken words parts. This actually may be among my favorites of yours. The idea of being born and never asking to be said over and over again reminds me of reincarnation. Nice work as always

The Slums Of Mediocrity - ReverbNation

"When She Comes" creative work Justine. Funky and mesmerizing voice and sound.

Chuck Brunicardi - ReverbNation

“Perhaps the most brilliant artist that I, or any of us, knows!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation


"...electric in his sugar, fe-fi in his foe.." always love the wit and sharp, wry observations of your lyrical skills Justine and loving being back today for another listen...very cool big pounding bass and drum energy for "gigantic now"...might be raw and dirty but it still packs a punch...I'm gonna share this sucka today!

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“I've just been listening to some of your music. Excellent instrumentals and haunting vocals. Very dark. Right up my alley. I really dig it. Keep up the great work!”

The Industrial Complex - ReverbNation

“Playing Boatman...inside of this track there is an intensity that is really deep....Drawing on something that draws you in..without being able to stop. Compelling, wild and deep. Have to say, it reminds me of Greenwood in BK...I walk through there often processing deep thoughts and hearing the voices on a shamanic sleighride...this feels very much like that. INTENSLY LIKE THAT....”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“Badass is called 5-Gun Brain!”


“5-Gun Brain is an exceptional trip!”

“5 Gun Brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Bury My Reflection is also fantastic”

“The difference between wild music and Wilde Music is the latter has inherent qualities of style, class and brilliance”

“5-Gun-Brain go girl go. Quality percussion in that track and love the dark vocals.”

“Super'! Absolument bien!”

“Love the industry sound! 5-Gun-Brain is my fave. Awesome stuff!”

“Your music and vocal really are incredible, Stunning in all meanings of the word... amazing song amazing subjects you really are a huge talent.”

“Hey Justine. I will agree with Psy and PepeluX there..5 Gun Brain is a brilliant track!”

“'5-Gun Brain' is an amazing tune. You have a SUPERB mix of sounds with cool percussives that are well arranged; really pulls one in. The backup has been well mixed to have your great vocals upfront, so it's a GREAT sound. Like the lyrics. Unique,EXCELLENT!”

“5 gun brain is my favourite,really cool track.”

“This fucking rocks! (“5-Gun-Brain”)”

“Holy crap!! this is in your face!! your approach to the music is awesome!!! keep up the 'tragically hip' stuff! love it!!”

“Justine rules the wild... awesome. music.. breathtaking...”

“I've been waiting for you to feed my addiction,Thank you !!!”

“Adjectives and adjective phrases such as "great" or, "enormously talented", seem to fall far short, in terms of what I am trying to express with regard to your creative genius. So - Let me just say that you "Amaze me." ”

“Powerful and very original music.Great songs with briliant lyrics and tremendous guitars and beats.Love it”

“These tunes are justineriffic. we love them and her...killer”

“Awesome vocals on Rhino!”

“Great music, Justine. Your industrial sound & vocal is killing! I really love the beats on When She Comes and how you blend your vocals into it.”

“If I Live 'Til Monday - that acoustic breakdown is killer It took me somewhere else I needed to be”

“Dear Justine, had to come back and listen again to "If I Live Till Monday" . Your sound, and voice , is unique, and somehow I feel related to this song especially. Thank you, Miss P.”

“Bury my reflection is...very strange and unique and that's why I loved it.”

“Nice alchemy of fierce elements!”

“Love your guitar riffs, specially in ‘Lil Girl Wrong.”

“Some really Great music Justine!”

“Love the sounds comin' outta my speakers! Great tunes! Love it!”

“I like your ruff approach and your bad-ass attitude! Great vocals!”

“I loved "bury my reflection" especially! All of your titles have a way of drawing one in. Your music is a ride worth taking. Like a mix between a haunted house ride you take as a kid and the ride taken through your own personal hell after you die. What a show!! Amazing video for "Gonnabe like this" too! You just might drive a few people mad along the way.”

“Solid soundz !!!! I love the attitude !!! ~the Fluu (producer)”

“Wild, had me hypnotized, DIG IT :) thanks”

“Justine Wilde is deep, reflective, and unique! Everyone should hear "Bury My Reflection," it will haunt you a bit!”

“Rick Frost highly recommended you . He said "I'd like to say her music is brilliant - but its so much more than that. Why don't you go listen to her while I try to come up with the proper adjective foe describing Justine and her talent - if an adjective for this kind of immense talent exists?" So, here I am and I got his point immediately - you are a wonderfully talented and truly inspired and inspiring artist.”

“'LIL GIRL WRONG is an "Anthem" for the phantasm(ed). Your delusions are pretty trippy! I love the rawness and directness of the lyrics and the guitar is the sound of toxic waste(waste not want not, love it!). I will be listening to your music for a while my friend!”

“The Reverend is digging on your tunes, Lil Girl Wrong being his favorite.”

“Some wicked grooves.”

“Your music is brilliant. Rhino is my kind of thing, love it.”

“About featured artist Justine Wilde, MusicNation exclaims: “This New Yorker brings a blues-y soulfulness to her whip-smart songwriting!””

“RHINO is fat. Love it. Love it when the bass comes in. Killer! Very cool tune.”

“I added Rhino in my favorites - Excellent tune!”

“The most ecstatic time of today was this 8 minutes with “‘LIL GIRL.””

“Stunned! What a great piece of art this video is! Cringed at the needle piercing, and impressed by the content and production. Still have goose bumps. (“Gonnabe Like This” [Rock Video])”

“Great piece of work. Loving it totally! (“Gonnabe Like This” [Rock Video])”

“Love love love it! (“’Lil Girl Wrong”)”

“I love 'LIL GIRL from psychedelia so much!”

“Love the Song. (“Rhino [What Will Become of Us, Joe?])”

“Bury my Reflection came up for me, and I voted it best of the 4 where it belongs!”

“You always surprised me, Justine! Such hypnotic song. (“Rhino [What Will Become of Us, Joe?])”

“We just love “Flesh”!”

““Well Done!” (“Rhino [What Will Become of Us, Joe?])”

“Cool sound, keep up the great work.”

“Justine Wilde is wild! What a sound. Can't wait to see this girl live she is incredible!”

“I've listened to your music quite a bit and so has my daughter D-shady...We love it.”

“Really love listening to you music. Really great stuff.”

“Awesome tune! Bad Ass All The Way Around!!! (“’Lil Girl Wrong”)”

“I can literally hear hands frantically clawing at the dirt where she was buried. This song is eerie and haunting in the most deliciously sadistic way… I love it. (“Bury My Reflection”) ”

“This is a deep work. From the ruddy, windblown mix to the off-beat stompbox hits. Every piece of the puzzle fits. I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU FOR HAUNTING ME. (“’Lil Girl Wrong”)”

“I fuckin love this tune! (“’Lil Girl Wrong")”

“Great vocal presence and nice riffs. ("'Lil Girl Wrong)”

“Your beats are awesome!!! I LOVE IT!!!”

“Just in case you don't hear it often enough, you are pretty fkn awesome, Justine! I really enjoy listening to your music!”

“You make some dark material. Great work!”

“Warning!..constant exposure may be habit forming!..bmc*”

“Justine! You’re the Rockess! ”

“Hey Justine--you're setting fire to the tracks!”

“I love your decadent works!”