Julius Vaughn / Press

"Julius hits the hardest parts of his songs very well. He manages to gain a terrific harmony with his backing instruments."

Unknown - Reverbnation

"This song [Forsaken] was just beautifully sung. Julius has a powerful voice that makes you think. I would like to hear more songs of this kind. I really liked this song and would recommend it to others. Purchase it. I want to hear more from Julius."

Unknown - ReverbNation

"I enjoyed the strings and the melody for this wonderful song [Forsaken]. Julius has emotions that flowed throughout this amazing song. This would be an asset to the community. The lyrics were the finest I have viewed in some time. Excellent track. I could feel the serenity through the voice and instruments. Backup was very well done. Awesome tempo."

Unknown - ReverbNation

"I think this [Forsaken] is a beautiful Christian song. I like the vocals that Julius belts out against the soundtrack. I can hear the magic in the mix, because as the words are sang out, they have much meaning to my ears."

“Very impressive, you have an outstanding voice!”

Dr. Aaron Knowles - Reverb Nation

“Listened to your album... WOW! What a voice!”

Regan - Street Team Fan

"A truly Amazing Gift. I could stand in a snow storm listening to your songs."

“I really like what I hear!”

Kevin Schmidt - Distrophonix

"I really like your music... great performance also!"

“I love it, Julius! What a beautiful voice!”

"Congratulations! What an awesome achievement!" [Only One Way]

Steve Vogelsang - Facebook Fan Page

"5 Stars! Nice!" [Only One Way]

"The Word of God and the voice of an angel..."

Kevin Henneborn - Facebook Artist Fan Page

“Julius, you have a beautiful voice and what a way to put it to use, by sending out the Lord's message.”

“May the Lord continue to use you to affect your generation and beyond!!”

“[God Is In the Mend]... Great job... sounds great!”

Jeremy Duke - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]... Sounds AMAZING!”

Michael & Rebecca Ellis - Facebook

“Julius... love your music!”

“Really wonderful voice... WOW!”

Chuck Edwards - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]...This is awesome! Your voice is amazing! You're truly blessed.”

“[God Is In the Mend]...Original and Note-worthy! Sounds fantastic!”

Eric Sessums - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]...Love it! Great job! To God be all the glory!”

Eddie Ortiz - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]... sounds AMAZING!”

James Geiger, Radio DJ, WUSF 89.7 Tampa, Florida - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]...Very awesome! Not a surprise though with the set of pipes I've heard on you!”

Andrew Dyg - Facebook

“[God Is In the Mend]...Wow! Loved the music and lyrics. What a gift you have. Thanks for sharing with all. What a treasure it is to know the Lord, and to celebrate it with music. Just wish I could sing!”

“Thank you for your joyous love of singing!”

Steve Pyles - Facebook

“I absolutely love your music!”

“...you sound great!!!”

Seann Osborne - Facebook

“You rock!!!”

Pastor Pamela Hathcock Jones - Facebook

"Receiving the Seed"... very powerful!!!!!

Jonathan Kerr - Facebook

“We truly enjoyed and appreciated your singing last night. I know it meant a lot to the people who stayed to worship. Thank you so much for your heart for the Lord. We hope you will return soon. God bless, Barbara and Jim Amazing Love Ministries”

“You have a wonderful voice. Wish you all the best, with your album!”

“We heart Julius!!!”

Halcyon Band - Facebook Fan Page

“Sing, Julius! Sing! Sing!”

Pastor Ellery Aguayo - Facebook

“Julius, your voice is your praise to God. Your obedience in giving it back so the world can see and hear the light through you is only the beginning. Many people will be blessed and you will see the harvest in your own lifetime and your next generation! Keep up the good work! God is taking notice.”

"Sounds good..."

Christine Eubanks, Fan from Bridgewater, TX, USA - Jango Internet Radio

"Checked out your recordings! Loved them. So proud of you! From poet to songwriter - nice leap! All the best in your career!"

Judith Mandt, Friend and Alum, University of Tampa - Facebook

“Hey, nice tracks man! Cool!”

"Julius is, essentially a consummate singer/songwriter. No more need be said - his excellent work speaks for itself."

Lee Harding - Lead Singer - Konchordant

“God bless the release of your new CD this year!”

"The Greatness Contained is beautiful. It sounds like it should have been sang for years!"

“God has given you two awesome gifts: your music and your voice! Listening to your song (The Greatness Contained) gave me chills!”

“I really like your music. It is a blessing. May God bless you!”

“We agree that this is the #1 Hit for Christmas (The Greatness Contained by Julius Vaughn)!”

“Praying God opens many doors for your ministry!”

“God bless you and your music!”

“Great voice and songs! Keep up God's work...”

“God blessed you with a great voice my friend...blessings!”

"Love your personal testimony in this song [Forsaken]."

"Not a bad song [Forsaken]...it sounds pretty good to me."

“5 of 5 Stars!”

“Watch out World... this is a guy you need to take notice of. He has a strength and compassion in his voice that will sink deeply into your heart. Christian Music needs more artists like this one.”

RaininIreland - iTunes

“Blessing be upon you, Julius Vaughn...”

“Love the songs...”

Jake - MySpace

“Sinner's Prayer is a cool track!”

“One very distinct asset of this promising young artist, is that he has variation in the music genre: he chooses to express his spiritual walk with the Lord. One cannot help but to absorb the message and relate to the fundamental quality of it.”

“I really like Sinner's Prayer! You sound great!”

Kim Williams, Friend and Colleague - MySpace

“Just listened to your song and wanted to tell you how much I like it, and I like the message a lot man... and I like the outro the most!”

Michael Ellis, Band Member of Forebodance (Guitar/Performance) - Forebodance

“Listed your song (Sinner's Prayer) as a feature song this week. God bless you in your ministry.”

Ian - Spirit FM in Australia

“I would love to have you sing backup with me anytime...”

Mike - Guitar and Singer - Joe Thayer Band

“Your voice is beautiful.”

Joe Thayer - Joe Thayer Band

“Julius, your music is amazing! These songs lift the soul... and what is a soul without music!?!”

fierce8510 - iTunes

“Good stuff! Thanks, Julius!”

Cerca Trova - iTunes

“We'll be spinning Sinner's Prayer in July.”

Church Beat Radio in VA - MySpace

“You're headed for success and on the right path if you keep listening to these words.”

BgBrInTampa - iTunes

“This is just the beginning for this rising artist... I know God will do amazing things through him. This is a must have for any music collector!!!”

xrisenbygrace - iTunes