Julia Jordan / Press

“With an eclectic mix of jazz and soul... Julia’s music is an acoustic tapestry which she has chosen as a backdrop for her beautiful message in every track…you will instantly love the breezy melodies, but don’t forget to listen to her often powerful message.”

"Julia is the soundtrack to the 'Change' Movement..."

Jessica Baron, Executive Director - Guitars in the Classroom

"...through the filter of [her] life and experiences it sounds as fresh as anything I've ever heard. 'Home' is my new favorite song…"

Joe Lamond - CEO - NAMM Corporation

“Singer/guitarist Jordan has a warm and inviting voice that levitates over her acoustic arrangements. Jordan shows the kind of talent that could be taken to a much higher level.”

Music Connection Magazine

"Like willowy smoke rings lingering in the ether, Julia Jordan’s languid vocals smolder with a seductive glow...she embraces her jazz pedigree via a supple lilt and a drifting, unhurried sway. Her beguiling melodies are unobtrusive yet mesmerizing..."

Performing Songwriter