JUke / Press

“Looking to bring back its relevance in a time of Lady Gagas and Kanye Wests, JUke has created a heavy-hitting outfit in a Post-Blues world. Led by harmonica connoisseur (seriously, he’s basically “The Most Interesting Man” of the instrument) Eric Garcia, these guys have played with big names like Zach Deputy and G. Love, and have sprinkled their rawness all over town–injecting stages with hypnotizing tunes you can’t get away from. Take a listen to a track from their latest release: “That Last One” and try not to jam hard, we dare you.”

“But Juke's Eric Garcia made certain to remind us that the end of Tobacco Road was nigh. In the guise of a Southern preacher, he unleashed a fire 'n' brimstone sermon. Then his band heralded armageddon at Miami's oldest bar with some furious, stomping, down 'n' dirty blues.”

“JUke's songwriting is one of the things that separate them from the pack. The subject matter and lyrical content has long been hailed by their fans and only adds to their legend. Couple that with their performance and musicianship, and you have a band you can learn to love.”

“So on an early Saturday afternoon, up at the Spirit of Swanee Music Park, when they hear Roosevelt Collier's pedal steel start to scream and the Lee Boys bring it, those Wanee music junkies start gravitating down the hill to the stage like happy-ass zombies.”

"if you really want and are in it (music) to be famous, then you're pretty much an asshole and in it for the wrong reasons."

“Juke’s Eric Garcia on songwriting: “They can write about lunch as eloquently as a stupid breakup””

“Wanee really opened my eyes and confirmed the opinion that I had that as far as JUke being a legitimate festival act. We feed off the crowd a lot, so when I see all those eyes locked into us I go nutz. For days after that show, people were stopping Evan and I at Wanee and taking pictures with us, asking about some of the songs…. These people were there for the goddamn MUSIC. Not to get laid or to front in any way. I’m sure that if we played only festivals, I’d miss playing bars. But I really trip on the collective energy of festivals.”

“Hungry for some bacon, booze, and rock 'n' roll? Drag your greasy, drunk, boogie-woogie ass to The Stage on Friday night. There will be big fat piles of all-you-can-eat pork belly, endless jugs of whisky, and a fresh five-track slab of tuneage -- titled Down Low Cool -- from local no-longer-a-dirty-blues band Juke. "Well, the early Juke stuff was more straight-up blues. We were goin' for a trance-y R.L. Burnside kinda thing," lead howler Eric Garcia explains. "But now, with Down Low Cool, we're just doing rock 'n' roll songs with harmonica in 'em. We're not even touching any of that standard blues subject matter. "And you know," he snickers, "I really hate blues bands. As much as I'm rooted in the stuff, I can't stand traditional blues bands. They bore the shit outta me. I think they're cheesy as hell. They're bad for the music." ”

“Sure, there's the occasional cover band that emulates the tried and true, but as far as a band that bases itself in the blues and serves up original material... Well, it suffices to say they are few and far between.”