Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir / Press

"JSBLC can play with anybody, they will rock you, they will make you feel, they'll surprise you with their versatility from song to song, impress you with their harmonies, and make you think with their lyrics. They play EVERY different kind of pop music and they do it all well!!

“Jonathan Sexton’s “Babylon” is the best original reggae song by a local band. Ever. The message of this single from the “Big Love” CD is as powerful as it is simple—love can heal the human heart or an entire nation. … Jack Rentfro,”

Jack Rentfro - writer/editor “Cumberland Avenue Revisited: Four Decades of Music from Knoxvil

“A great young band who's living up to their name. I think they come from France and East Tennessee, which seems totally appropriate to me. ”

“Jonathan Sexton is OVERFLOWING with big ideas of universal love and good vibes.”

The man about town-Randall Brown - Knoxville New Sentinel

“Sexton has a big voice, but he never plays it for drama. The understated and largely acoustic arrangements are nonetheless silky, streamlined, and IT WORKS!!!”

"Jonathan Sexton has a lot of love for everyone, and he isn't afraid to sing about it on his new disc "Big Love." His voice is the star of the show, soaring over a foundation of reggae-tinged, rockin' Americana. It's a solid collection from the heart."