Joe Pitts Band / Press

"I hear a lot of Duane when I hear Joe play. He's his own as an artist but Duane's influence is clearly and wonderfully present. "

Pat "Slowhand" Howell - Musician

“The Joe Pitts Band - "The Reason God Made Arkansas !"”

Rusty Edwards - Macon Music Guru (2014)

“Happy New Year 2014 Joe. And thanks again for the magnificent show at Stickyz. You are one helluvan entertainer...”

Peter Read - Nightflying

“Joe Pitts "Ten Shades Of Blue" Is a BB King "Pick To Click" on Bluesville, XM and Sirius Radio.”

Bill Wax-Bluesville - XM Radio

“Ten Shades Of Blue does a great job of putting Joe Pitts in the context of the blues greats, and in the process, suggests he is worthy of their exalted company.””

Rob Johnson - Hittin' the Note

“This album (One More Day) affirms Joe's status as a guitar standout”

David Higdon - Hittin' the Note

“Joe wanders the world leaving an indelible footprint on the souls of those passed in the night or viewed through the haloes of spotlights burning down on the stage.”

David Hughes - Nightflying Magazine

“Arkansas native Joe Pitts is a guitar monster, an excellent blues player who sounds at times like Duane Allman and at others like Walter Trout. ”

Michael Buffalo Smith - Gritz Magazine

"One of the most soulful blues rock guitarists of our time."

Nightflying Magazine

“Simply stated, "One More Day" is a remarkable record from one of the South's tastiest guitarists.”

Michael Buffalo Smith - Gritz Magazine

“Not only is Joe a "RED HOT" slide guitarist, but one of Arkansas' musical treasures”

Chris King - Sticky Fingers/Little Rock, AR

"Just a Matter of Time" is one of the best new CDs we have heard in some time.

Bill Ector - Hittin' the Note

“Slide over, no really SLIDE on over and listen to this. Joe Pitts can create a powerful storm of sound with a ghostly shadow of style reminding myself and many of the dear Duane Allman.”