Josh Urban / Press

“Most musicians on tour arrive by bus or van to play an indoor venue, or, sometimes, the Pavilion. Josh Urban, however, does things a little differently. He's on tour by train, the way the old street musicians used to travel, but he's added a modern twist: technology. "Since everyone has a story, I'm asking that everyone join in, and take their life on tour as well," says the D.C.-based singer/songwriter, who's using a system of hashtags– #JURT on Twitter and Instagram– to let people tag their posts, photos, and stories back to the tour and to share with fans in different cities. Urban will arrive in Charlottesville from Charlotte on the #51 train on Friday afternoon at 1:46pm, then he'll head over to the Downtown Mall where he plans to perform– and hopes other musicians will join in with him– until the train whistle sounds and he pulls out of the Main Street station at 9pm. You can find out more about Urban's unusual tour at Facebook.com/Officialjosh ”

"That was musician Josh Urban - who's kicking off something you don't hear a lot about in this world of pyrotechnics and big tours..."

““My audience will be your audience and vice versa,” he said. “At the end of the tour, I’ll be taking all the media, and making a video out of it. If I’m in your city, I’ll be playing street music. You should totally come jam or at least say hey and hang out.””

“In the tradition of train-hopping, street-corner-hanging troubadours of yesteryear, Washington-area musician Josh Urban is engineering a seven-city Interactive Rail Tour that stops in Richmond on Sunday. He's inviting folks to jam with him as he plays street music near Main Street Station around 3 p.m. "Most musicians go on tour, yet few travel the ways that the old buskers (street musicians) did — by trains," he said. He plans to post photos, videos and updates through the Internet and social media as he also travels to Charlottesville, Alexandria, Charlotte, N.C., New York City, Washington and Philadelphia. For details, visit http://joshurbanrailtour.blogspot.com.”