Joshua Messick - Hammered Dulcimer / Press

““Joshua Messick is one of a handful of new, young virtuoso hammered dulcimer players emerging from around the country. He is a National Hammered Dulcimer Champion and continues to grow and mature as an exceptional talent. His skill on the instrument doesn’t begin and end with his technical proficiency. He has an amazing sense for composition and has written, and continues to write, beautiful passages that specifically highlight the unique qualities and strengths of the hammered dulcimer. Joshua is a player who understands the power of the space between the notes and has the ability to transform a solo piece into a symphonic experience.””

Jerry Ready Smith, Master Hammered Dulcimer Luthier

““I thought I had seen everything. Then, I came upon Joshua Messick bringing a gorgeous hammered dulcimer to life. His ability to pull both gentle beauty and edgy power out of this instrument is astounding. And his ear is impeccable. I had no idea that a hammered dulcimer player could be a rockstar.””

BJ Leiderman Theme Composer, NPR

“Messick is a composer and arranger of the highest caliber, skills that only accentuate his mastery of the Hammer Dulcimer, not take away from his playing in any way. Few people can write or play at the level that this Kansas [now Texas] resident does, and even fewer can do both during their musical careers.”

“Joshua Messick’s latest release is rich with hammer dulcimer melodies, characterizations, and nuances that are inspired by Biblical events, but equally-enthralling for all who listen to its instrumental message. The hammer dulcimer is not very obtuse or too contemplative to instill confusion or boredom in the listeners. Instead, the harp-like sounds of the hammer dulcimer, which happens to resemble a Biblical musical instrument—the harp—is a perfect choice for the historical theme. The lack of vocals and additional instrumentation is not a negative, because the title of the album focuses on ‘solo’ hammer dulcimer. Moreover, the playing abilities are award-winning and boredom never arises from the mix. Fans of instrumental hammer dulcimer, folk music, Middle Eastern music, and harp sounds will find nothing wrong with this incredible release.”

“Joshua’s latest project features quite a few new compositions that reflect his maturity as a man and a musician. Everything about this recording reaches for the epic.”