Josh Stone / Press

“From the start of 'The Darkness' a light piano start might give you the lighthearted promise of happiness and sunshine on a fine summer day but then the music takes on a far darker mood. You can listen from one song to the next and follow the story of a young woman's despair and rebirth into something numb, cold and dark. Her attempt to pull another into her depths and how he manages to hold onto a piece of the light...or at least that's my interpretation. Or you can listen to each song on it's own and let it present it's piece of the story, a story in itself. If you're into goth you will most likely relate this album to the birth of a vampire and the destruction that ensues as a result. If that isn't your thing you might relate these songs to the darker feelings and experiences of life. Either way, Josh Stone brings this darkness to light, or rather, he takes you by the hand and leads you into the darkness for you to see and experience for yourself.”