Jordan Klemons / Press

"The CD is amazing! Haven't stopped listening to it since I got it, there is such a sophisticated, visceral approach to your playing. Each track has its own personality that is complex yet extremely approachable and interesting. Your improvisational skills can't help but to tell a story to my ears every time, and lets my mind meander with each note."

Chad Thompson - Asleep in the Weeds, Incognito Mosquito, The Nano Trio

"[Klemons] evoked the nuanced meanderings of Jeff Beck with the thump and bump of NRBQ."

"I've only heard you [Jordan] play once and still have that sound in my head."

John Page III, saxophonist

"Jordan Klemons is a fantastically-gifted guitarist and composer with a unique and identifiable instrumental voice."

Chris Garges - Oldhouse Recording Studio

"Freak guitar solo. Jordan Klemons is talented. No Doubt."

"My ears were begging for something. Especially more Jordan Klemons. Many people did not know who Klemons was...they do now. I don't know, but I sure wanted to hear more Klemons."

Chris Adams - Carolina Live Music Society

"A rolling sea, hinting at a storm but guaranteeing excitement and adventure for all who choose to sail upon it."


“Definitely something to watch."”

Keller Williams

"Made some of the most amazing fusion sounds come off that stage."

Charlotte Jam Band Society